The following was written by Pegasus Class

We've been learning about a famous pilot (aviator) called Amelia Earhart. When she was a child she was a tomboy. She had a sister called Grace Muriel. When she got older she had a dream about flying aeroplanes so she thought that she would like to fly an aeroplane. In 1922 she got her first aeroplane. She flew a plane over the Atlantic Ocean and broke a record. In 1937 when she was trying to orbit the World, sadly she disappeared as she was approaching Howland Island in bad weather. Never to be seen again. In her honour, they built a lighthouse. She was a courageous pilot. 

Have a look at our amazing sketches of Amelia Earhart.

Welcome back to Term 4!

Our new topic is Journeys. We will be writing another adventure story later in the term.

In maths we have been adding and subtracting using our knowledge of tens and ones, number bonds and doubles. We also used the inverse to check our calculations. If you spot any mistakes, write it down and make the correction. Bring it in and Mr Doyle will move you up the choices ladder!!!

This week we have been measuring length and height using standard measures. This morning we used our dinosaur fact cards and trundle wheels to measure out how long different dinosaurs would have been. What accurate measurers of length we were! How massively huge dinosaurs were! PS. We've been practising exclamatory sentences in English lessons...

Community Time is one of my favourite parts of the day. The children come in at the beginning of the day and choose a range of activities to get us ready to learn and have a fantastic start to the day. The choices are board games (thank you for your donations to the wishlist), drawing (mindfulness colouring) or reading. It also gives the classteacher/TA a chance to interact and check-in with the children and make sure we are all OK!

Welcome back to Term 3. Our topic for Term 3 is DINOSAURS.

Unbelievably, Mr Ruck was weeding the allotment over the Christmas holiday and he found something unexpected! After texting Mr Doyle in a bit of a panic to get to school immediately, we decided that we may have discovered something amazing!

Today, Pegasus Class helped uncover a dinosaur fossil. We used special tools to carefully excavate the brittle bones. 

After some eggstra time placing our astronaut eggs into our capsules we were ready to drop. Mr Doyle prepared the landing area. In our pairs we dropped the capsules and looked to see if the eggs had been protected. Declan even talked about gravity and bounce when talking about the capsules! What an eggcelent time we had! Out of 13 eggs dropped, 9 survived. The best results we've ever had in Pegasus. Mr Doyle promises that with the other 4, he didn't make his lunch of scrambled eggs...

Christmas 2018

The children retold The Nativity this morning and it was brilliant! Well done to the narrators (Oliver, Sienna and Charlie). 

When we got back we began designing and making protective capsules/rockets that could protect an egg when dropped from height. We will test them out later in the week. We used our knowledge of materials to predict whether the egg would be protected or not.

Autumn Day 2018

Today we have been very busy. We have been curious like the cat (Elli character) and asked questions about autumn. We went for a walk around the school grounds focusing on four of the senses (touch, sight, hearing and smell). We sketched leaves, created poems, made leaf kebabs and made fingerprint autumn trees.

The Great Fire of London - We have designed and made our Tudor inspired houses. This afternoon we painted them whilst we listened to music (Kiss radio). Great to listen to, even when the tunes hit high notes as the kids sang along...

Today we took our houses to the sports zone. We laid them out as though it was the city of London. Then we set fire to the houses. It was almost like the Great Fire was happening in our school playground!!!


We are busy preparing for our Harvest Assembly. We have been sketching pumpkins. The results below are our FAIL (first attempt in learning). Mr Doyle sketched a pumpkin and showed us some sketching techniques.

London's Burning!

We've been learning about the Great Fire of London that happened in 1666 and started in Pudding Lane. Pegasus Class got into groups and used the playpod to create props to help us act out escaping from the Great Fire. Mrs Crew then recorded us after we had practised our drama.