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Term 4

Term 2

Check out some of our Term 2 highlights


We have made capsules to protect eggs! We used junk modelling to protect an egg when we dropped it from a height of 1.5M. We talked about how to keep the test fair! Check out the before, during and after photos!

In RE we learned about Divali and made Diva lamps!

We loved our Random Act of Kindness in FAB week! We desided to make pictures and snowflakes for different adults in our bubble

Oh no! We put all of our 1666 London Style houses in the football pitch and they caught fire! Just like the Great Fire of London. Check out the pictures!

Term 1

Draco closure 20/10/20 - 23/10/20 

 Hi Everyone, I hope that you are all well! Here is some work for the next three days. A Book to write in and login details for E- reading books  and Purple Mash will arrive by post tomorrow. I look forward to seeing you all back at the start of term 2 on 2/11/20


 You've been great at these things in class, have another go at:

Practice counting in twos, fives and tens.

Can you write out different number patterns? That go up and down?

For example 2    4   6   8   10            10    20    30    40         5    10   15     20    60 50 40 30 20. 

Can you read and write any numbers up to 100?

Can you partition any 2 digit number?

For example 66= 60+6      85=80+5    96=90+6



Find out some more information about Bluebirds. We already know some facts but I can't wait to find out what else you find. 


Can you create an information page about a bluebird?

  • What do bluebirds look like?
  • What do they eat?
  • Where do they live?
  • Can you find any extra interesting facts?


Please practice the following spellings






Can you write a sentence with each word in?


Can you draw and label different types of birds?

Discuss fire safety? Fire alarms? Smoke detectors? Fire brigade.

Mr Jefferies would love to see anything you've done! You can take pictures and email it to 





Welcome back to St Stephen's Infants and Year 2! We missed you so much and are glad that all of the children are back. 


Check out some of the amazing things we've been doing in term 1.

We've loved doing forest schools!

We even made stick people.

We've been learning to take turns and play games in Jigsaw.

We've been building houses like they had in London durring the time of the Great Fire of 1666.