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Remote Learning links (These are extra ideas if you are finding it a struggle to complete home learning) will help with English. There are activities to support spelling, grammar and punctuation. There are also reading and writing activities. will help with Maths, in particular Number and place value. will help with Science. We should have been learning about animals (grouping into categoreies as well as thinking about body parts and where animals live in their natural habitat. Twinkl Go has access to some free games. 

Week beginning 18th January 2021

Please continue with the two week plan for Awongalema (English) and Shape (Maths) learning from the Oak Academy (links below).



We will be continuing with split digraphs for phonics (a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e & u_e). See plan below. I will plan to complete the phonics activity when we meet for the Zoom meeting on Monday @ 10am.

Tuesday's session will need examples of real/alien words (alien words are words that should be read using the sound (split digraph). This would should not be corrected or changed to make a real word - so it is read like an alien would pronounce it. You could easily change this lesson by using PhonicsPlay - and electing the split digraph to practise.

shape, pate, bake, gade, flake, quade

pede, extreme, geme, theme, quede, evening, flene

pipe, fline, shine, prike, slide, slipe

rope, stove, hoves, snipe, abode, profe

dude, fupe, fume, strube, fuse, flune

Week beginning 11th January 2021

Because Elmer Class have been remote learning during self-isolation periods we will be learning slightly differently for the next two weeks. We will then be learning the same as the other classes. If possible, try to aim for 1 phonics session (about 20 mins), 1 English session and 1 Maths session per day. In the pack there are suggested activities which can be completed for other subjects (History/Geography/Science/PE). The remote learning links above can be used in addition to the packs which have been sent home.

Remember that baking, building with Lego, painting a picture, throwing snowballs (if we're lucky) are still educational. The BBC red button is starting TV programmes this week too (mornings) which could offer some respite.

Phonics (1 week) 

The following phonics activities can be added to by playing games on PhonicsPlay. You can will need to selct which digraphs to focus on e.g. oo can be found in phase 3, ue and u_e can be found in phase 5. Try to encourage a reading activity (1 game) and a writing activity each day (in books - can be writing words or sentences).


Shape and Patterns using The Oak National Academy Aim for 1 Maths lesson per day. We haven't looked at shape in school yet. If you still fancy some number based activities, you could continue with Numbers to 50 


Awongalema. This is based on an African folk tale. I would suggest watching the video of Tortoise's Dream (almost identical story) on the youtube link to give the children a picture book. 

I have tweaked the sequence a little bit from The Oak National Academy Remember any writing should be at your child's level. If they need a sound mat to help them, that's great. All children are writing showing different abilities. Some children will only be able to write 3 sentences (or less), others will write more and should be including adjectives to describe nouns. Be kind to yourself as the teacher too!

Other subjects

Be creative! Our topic should have been animals. will help with Science. We should have been learning about animals (grouping into categories as well as thinking about body parts and where animals live in their natural habitat. 

Expressive Arts and Design



Understanding the World

Wednesday 6th January

Remote Learning for the next three days is over on the Year 1 webpage 

Also please log into your Collins Ebooks so that you can read at home with your child. The books have been updated for each child.

It's great to see so many of you using Doodle maths too! Well done. 

We will be posting new red books with an overview of the next two weeks' remote learning (which will also be posted onto our class webpage on Friday afternoon).

Please do get in contact if you need anything. Thanks, Mr Doyle

Welcome to our class page!

Thursday 17th December

We have been scientists today! We started by observing ice cubes closely. Look at the scientific words we used! Some of us even wrote them onto the whiteboard.

Later we created a class fair test. We asked the question, How can we quicken the time it takes for the ice to melt? Where will the ice last longest?’ What will make it melt quickly? Why? 

We had some good suggestions. Leon suggested putting the ice into the sun. Hollie suggested the radiator pipes. Jasper suggested the radiator. Eli suggested making the ice smaller. Mr Doyle made it a fair test by making the ice cubes all the same size. The change in the experiment was where we placed the ice cubes. This was different.

We then observed what happened. Olivia said, "so it starts like ice. Then it starts melting a little bit and then it starts melting a bit more. And at the end the ice is nothing but water."

Later in the day we performed our own fair tests (to see what we had learned) with the cars and the ramps.

Congratulations to  Zach and Skyla who were voted to be Elmer Class' school councillors from term 4.

Monday 23rd November

Good morning! I hope you are well. I'm feeling much better. Thank you for the email wishes/cards you've sent me. If you need anything, please email. I know that Mrs Manning is looking forward to the Zoom meet up on Wednesday.

Here is a link to the meeting which is taking place from 10-10.30am Wednesday 25th November 2020. Mrs Manning will be catching up with the children, answering questions regarding home learning and singing some songs!

Zoom Meeting

 Meeting ID: 749 845 8585

Passcode: nQb2q5


I have assigned a few challenges on Doodle Maths this morning.

It would be great to look at lesson 5 (today) and lesson 6 (tomorrow) at the Oak Academy called the 'make ten' strategy We would have been doing similar in class. It uses our knowledge of number bonds to help us with addition and subtraction. Lesson 7 and 8 could be used later in the week.


Please continue with the lost toy story writing or the tiger information sequence.


See below on the planning for week 4. Also read your ebooks. One parent asked for games last week. are great. Unfortunately, PhonicsHeroes was only a trial.


Will has been in touch (who would normally teach us PE on Mondays. Below is a PE lesson that you could try out. I've bought a skipping rope which I've been using in my garden... My legs are now sore!


It's that time of year again where we are going to start practising for a Christmas performance. Have a look at the following video. This is one of the songs that will appear in our performance and we need to be learning it. 

Preparation for Friday 20th November (Zoom meeting with Mr Doyle @ 10am)

Hopefully, you will receive an invite to a zoom meeting via email by tomorrow. I'm going to try and teach a lesson that we should have been doing in class. It uses a story map. We have been practising retelling the story in class.

On Thursday, see if you can retell the story of Bongo (based on Knuffle Bunny) using my story map. This will give you a sequence to your own story that you can copy on Friday.

On Friday (during the zoom meeting), we will practise retelling the story but will change my Bongo teddy to your own teddy bear (we have talked about this in class). I will hopefully explain more on Friday. Have your teddies with you. You will also need your red book (or lined paper) and pencil/pen to start writing your story during the session.

Wednesday 18th November 2020 Remote Learning

Please follow the link to the Please do what you are able to and keep sending in photos of learning. There is no pressure to complete it all.


When you scroll down the page, you should find a sequence of learning for Tigers. It is a non-fiction text by Oak National Academy Please aim for one English session per day.


Further down the page is the Maths learning. Again, aim for 1 Maths activity per day (Doodle maths activities could be completed instead). We are able to set learning for maths using Doodle, so we will look at setting that up in a couple of days time.

Extra activities

The other Tiger activities can be completed too. 

We will update reading books (ebooks). These can be used to supplement phonics activities.


We have been practising hearing and writing cvcc/ccvc/ccvcc words and writing them into sentences with a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence and a full stop or question mark at the end. These words also include vowel digraphs. Please see an example of phonics planning (two weeks) below. We try to read and write words and sentences each day. The sentence examples are sentences that I would usually dictate to the children, they would repeat it and then would write it down.

Many thanks, Mr Doyle and Mrs Manning. PS Please do email if you need anything.

Week beginning 2nd November 2020

Here we are again! I hope you are all safe and well and haven't been too bored at home during your isolation. Thank you again in advance for helping your child learn at home. Again, please do not feel pressured to get all of the learning completed.

Below I have included just enough activities to keep you occupied until your return on Thursday 5th November. Please do email if you need anything. I realise that I still have some of your red books so please complete any home learning on paper/typing/photos or in your red book if you have it. I do love receiving photos.

  • Since Bonfire Night is coming up. Could you create a piece of artwork that involves fireworks? Could this incorporate different words like, whoosh, bang, pop, screech?
  • We will also be discussing materials in class. Find different objects around the house. What are they made from? e.g. glass/plastic/rock/metal. Are they natural or manmade (manufactured)? Describe the objects. Are they hard/soft/bendy/see-through etc.?


Please make sure that you practise your reading everyday (either the home reading books or using your big cat ebook). I will assign some more ebooks.

Here I am reading our story of the week. Dogger by Shirley Hughes. The book is about a little boy called Dave who loses his favourite soft toy and how his older sister helps him by being kind and thoughtful.

On Monday, listen to the story. Think about how Dave is feeling throughout the story. How would the other characters be feeling (the little girl who buys Dogger or Bella)? How would you feel if you lost your favourite soft toy?

On Tuesday, listen to the story again. Can you think of two questions that you could ask the characters? These could be as simple as, What is your favourite colour? or could relate to the text such as, What is your favourite teddy's name, Bella? Write the two questions down using your best handwriting.

On Wednesday, create a lost poster for Dogger (see the example of Challenge Chimp). Use the template (if you have a printer) or design your own.


Practise counting backwards from 100 everyday. 

Monday - Know all the numberbonds that make 10. Practical exploring : how many different combinations make 10? Use counting objects (lego, LOL dolls, stones)

Tuesday - Know all the number bonds that make 10. Use part whole diagrams to total 10 (see example of part whole method

Wednesday - Record numberbonds that make 10. Write down all the ways you can make 10 as + sentences. e.g. 3+7=10, 2+8=10, 10=4+6.


Please practise phonics every day. Use your phonics heroes account to take the first quiz. This should then guide you to your next step activities. This week we would have been focusing on cvcc/ccvc/ccvcc words. Below are some links to youtube videos which may help (one video per day). Make sure that each practise session includes reading and writing the different words. Try to practise reading and writing the common exception words (see further down the page).

cvcc words 

ccvc words 

ccvcc words 

Week beginning 19th October 2020

Welcome back after remote learning!

This week I will be introducing the children to their 'next steps' for learning in the classroom. Our enhanced provision can be seen in the following photos.

Thank you for supporting the home learning. It has cheered me up to see so many different activities and photos!

Thanks for all the home learning photos! It's great to see. We've had a range of writing, maths measuring, sums, gingerbread people making, hoovering, drawing, model making and story sequencing. Please keep it coming in via facebook messenger or email.

Parents Evening Term 1

I have been mentioning our next steps:

Week beginning 12th October 2020

Good morning! Today I tried to video a recording of me reading Zog because I'd like the children to design their own dragon. However the file is too big to upload onto the webpage. So head to          and listen here.


If you could then draw your own dragon ready for next week when we get back; that'd be great! Remember in class we've been thinking about all of the different features and body parts. Will your dragon have wings? What about sharp claws, fiery breath or a warty nose? Please take a photo and send to via email 



Week beginning 5th October 2020

Remote Learning Pack

Classteachers have put together a pack which can be used at home to continue learning. We do not intend that children spend all of their time at home learning from screens but the Internet has lots of useful resources. We have tried to give you ideas that might support children from different year groups at the same time to make it easier if you have limited access to the Internet.

The pack has: 

  • an exercise book,
  • Gingerbread Man sessions (via website link)
  • Maths learning (via website link)
  • ‘extra ideas’ (via website link)

All the learning has been planned so that you shouldn't need to photocopy anything. The link for the learning can be accessed at


For phonics please follow this link 

We have been working on phase 3 and 4 (vowel digraphs/trigraphs and blends) but have also started looking at different vowel combinations to help us with spelling. It may also be useful to practise reading and writing common exception words for Year 1.


7th Oct - This morning I have assigned reading books that you can access online by following this link 


Week beginning 28/9/2020

Today we went into the woods and created Gruffalo character puppets using natural found objects. 

Today we had music with Mrs Manning. We have been practising using percussion instruments.

Week beginning 21/9/2020

Today we went on a Gruffalo hunt after reading The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson.