Welcome to Pegasus Class!

Week 8

For our PE sessions on a Monday, we have been working with Abbie and Will from Bristol Rovers partnership. They have been teaching us different skills linked to team games; finding a space, passing and defending. Today we played a game that had to be adapted so that we remembered not everybody has to go and chase the ball. We also supported each other by giving feedback and having a chance to get better/improve our performance.

Week 7

We have been busy planning and building Tudor houses over the past two weeks.

Take a look at our designs:

 We then burnt them outside, just like the Great Fire of London! We talked lots about how to keep safe.

Weeks 5 and 6


In Science we have been exploring different materials such as metal, plastic, fabric, wood and glass. We have thought about what each material is used for and why.

We predicted what would happen to the Gingerbread Man if he got caught out in the rain and tested this by putting drops of water on him. We found out that he became soggy, mushy and fell apart! We then thought about how to keep him dry and what materials are waterproof.



We have all settled in really well and have enjoyed exploring our new Year 2 classroom.

We have been so busy during the first few weeks of term! This week we had a visit from Warburtons and made our own bread! We followed a recipe and kneaded our dough into shape.

Take a look at some of our star bakes: