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Welcome to Red Class

Update - Mid Term 1 

We have settled into school life so well and are now familiar with the routines and activities. We have been trying hard to follow the school rules: Ready, Respectful and Safe, and have been making lots of 'right choices'. Throughout the term, we have been earning smiley faces and we were so happy and proud when we finally reached 10 smileys and got to have a special treat. We chose to have a mini-movie experience, where we watched a short film and had raisins and a drink. Now we are trying to earn 10 more smiley faces by trying our best to go 'above and beyond' and really make ourselves proud!


Recently we have been learning about Michael Rosen's 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' story. We have learnt the story off by heart and can retell it with actions. We went on our very own bear hunt and Miss Hughes managed to capture a video of the friendly bear in our own school forest! The bear sent us a present, so we decided to write him some messages using pictures, symbols and the letters that we have learnt about so far. Miss Hughes was so impressed with our writing.


We have also been learning about Autumn. We've noticed lots of changes going on around us, such as the weather turning cold and windy, and the leaves changing colour. Perhaps you could challenge your child to look for Autumn clues on the way to school. 


In Phonics, we have been busy learning lots of new sounds. In school we learn the letter name, but focus mainly on the sound that each letter usually makes e.g. the letter S makes a 'sssss' sound. We have been learning actions and formation rhymes to help us remember the sound and how to write it. Please help your child to practise these at home - perhaps you can have a competition to see if your child can spot any known letters on street signs or cereal boxes! 


So far we have covered:

s a t p i n m d g



This week we have been exploring 2D shapes and the children have been making selecting, rotating and positioning their shapes to make some shape artwork. We made rockets, houses, dogs and more...

You could try this activity at home by cutting out some paper shapes! 






We have had a wonderful start to school in Red Class. The children have settled in so well and have really enjoyed learning about their new school and making lots of new friends. We have been very busy and have already explored lots of the new things at St Stephen's. We've been on a tour of the school and visited Mr Ruck in his office. We have also played in the outside areas, explored the forest, and had our first PE session in the hall. 

The staff have absolutely loved getting to know all of the new children and it has been so lovely to see their smiley faces coming into school each day. We cannot wait to see where the year takes us. We're sure there will be lots of fun along the way!

Check out some photos of our first couple of weeks below: