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Welcome to Red Class


Our final few days as Red Class...







Sports Day 2021 Champions!

Congratulations to every single member of Red Class who took part in the 2021 Sports Day. You are an incredible team! You have worked so hard and stuck at your learning just like the Tortoise, getting better and better at each of the activities. You have also worked like Teamwork Bees, supporting and cheering on your team mates and even the opposition. Most importantly, you believed in yourselves, tried your best and we had lots and lots of fun.

We are so proud of you! 

Well done Team Red! Woohoo! 


Welcome back to Red Class!

We have had such a wonderful first week back! The children have settled so well and our classroom has been filled with their wonderful chatter and happy smiles.

Here are a few photos of what we've been up to - we especially enjoyed celebrating a belated World Book Day!

Update 18th December - End of Term 2


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


It has been an absolutely wonderful end to the term and we've had so much fun in these last couple of weeks. We cannot wait to share our Nativity Movie with you, and we hope you really enjoy it. For now, please enjoy some photos of the other festive things we've been up to: 


P.s. Thank you so much for you kind messages, cards and gifts. It has been a really tough start to the school year and we really do appreciate your support and kind gestures. We wish you a lovely Christmas holiday and look forward to welcoming you all back in the new year! 

Love from Miss Hughes, Mrs Osborne and the Red Class Team :)

Update 10th December 2020 - Term 2 Week 6

During the past couple of weeks we have learnt about the Christmas story, and talked about how different families celebrate at Christmas time. Red class has been expertly decorated by the children, who helped put the decorations on the tree, and have even been busy making their own decorations to hang and stick around the room. We've also been busy learning and filming our Christmas Nativity. The children have enjoyed making hats and accessories to use, as well as dressing up in their costumes. We have had lots of fun singing, acting out and speaking our parts. We can't wait to share the finished product with you at home!


In phonics we have learnt some more digraphs (2 letters that make 1 sound): ss, ll, and ff. We have learnt that these digraphs never go at the start of a word, and will always be found in the middle or at the end. We have practised reading some words containing these sounds like; grass, mess, bell, hill, huff, stiff, muffin.

So far we have learnt the following sounds: (please help your child to practise recognising the letters, saying the sounds, and reading and making words with them)

s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b f l ss ll ff j w

Don't forget to check out the Phonics Play website for some great games:


We have also been learning some sight words (sometimes known as tricky words). These are words that cannot be sounded out and must be memorised by sight. Help your child practise recognising these at home by looking at them often and playing simple games like snap, pairs, bingo, or hide & find the word. 

so far we have learnt:

I    the    no    go    to    into


In maths we have continued to explore length and have been measuring and discussing the size of different toys we made out of Lego. We have been developing our problem solving skills and reasoning skills as we discussed how much wrapping paper each toy would need and how this relates to their size.  We have also been learning about the numbers 8 and 9. We have explored what the numerals look like, and have been finding different ways to make the numbers using combinations of smaller numbers. 







Update 21st November 2020 - Term 2 Week 3

This week was Friendship Week. We have been learning about how to be a kind friend, and make ourselves and others feel happy.  We shared the book 'Have You Filled Your Bucket Today?' which explores the idea that everyone carries around an invisible bucket of joy, and our buckets can be filled by showing kindness to others or having others show kindness to us. They can also be emptied by unkind behaviours. The children really responded to this and we have been talking about filling other people's buckets all week.  

We also talked about and took part in some random acts of kindness. We made lots of beautiful tissue paper flowers and delivered them to Blue and Yellow Class. Some of the children also decided to make paper chains to decorate Red Class and surprise the children who were playing elsewhere. We also made friendship bracelets, cards, pictures and gifts for others. In the forest, we worked collaboratively to build a big bonfire, and then played trust games where we took turns to give instructions and guide each other around the forest. In PE, we had so much fun doing collaborative twist moves with a partner - it was extremely difficult, but so funny! 

I have been so proud of the kindness shown by everyone in Red Class since September, and this week they have amazed me even more! 



Thank you so much to everyone that attended the Parents' Evening phone calls. It was great to finally have the opportunity to talk about your child and how they have settled in. I hope that you found the conversation useful. I know that many of you have asked for a few more ideas of things to do at home, and tips on how to support your child particularly with reading and phonics - so watch this space! I will be uploading more useful info and links in the coming weeks. 



Our sounds this week were: 

ck  e  u  r 

The children learnt about their first digraph: 'ck'. A digraph is when 2 letters make 1 sound (other digraphs include 'sh', 'ch', 'th' etc. which we will be covering throughout the year). 

We have been making words with magnetic letters to practise our segmenting skills, and practising sounding out and blending to read what we made.  

So far we have learn the following sounds:

s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r 


It would be great if you could support your child to practise recognising and saying these sounds at home as children pick them up best with lots of repetition. Keep sessions short and engaging (just a minute or two is enough for many young children). You could try...

  • playing SPLAT - say a sound and your child has to go and splat it with their hand 
  • hiding the sound cards around the house for your child to find and read 
  • play a speed game where your child tries to read and say all of the sounds as quickly as possible (time it on a phone/ipad/watch for an added challenge)
  • write the sounds on bits of paper, scrunch them up, and then play a lucky dip
  • make 2 cards for each sound and play a game of sound snap or pairs
  • go on a sound hunt where you have to find as many things as possible that start with a certain sound 

If your child is confident at recognising the letters and saying the sounds, you could also have a go at building words with the flashcards we provided. If your child feels ready, they could even have a go at writing some words. BIG writing is much easier for your child's developing hand muscles, so large floor chalks, sticks and mud, and giant pieces of paper make great writing utensils at this stage!


We would love to see any home learning you do - so please upload photos/comments to Evidence Me for us to share in school.


Don't forget to check out the other ideas below if you're looking for some more fun phonics games to play at home!





Update November 2020 - Start of Term 2

Your child should have received their own Reading Record and 2 reading books on Wednesday 21st October. The first set of books are wordless picture books. These are a great way to promote a love of reading, and build those early reading skills of book handling, noticing, and imagination. You can share these books over and over again, making up new stories each time and noticing new things.  

Alongside these books, you will have received a letter with information and also some flashcards for your children to practise the sounds we have covered so far. Please see the phonics page of our website for more information and a video on how to correctly pronounce the phonemes: 

Books and Reading Records should be returned every Thursday. They will then be quarantined for several days, and new books will be given out on Mondays.


We have now started formal Phase 2 Phonics sessions and we have learnt the following sounds so far: 

s a t p i n m d 

You can support your child’s learning at home by regularly looking at and practising these sounds (using the flashcards), and encouraging your child to notice these letters in everyday life (cereal boxes, street signs, names etc.) 

They can have a go at writing them if they would like to, but the main focus at this point in their learning journey is to hear and recognise the sounds, and know the letters that represent them. 

Playing games like splat the sound (using the provided flashcards)

or I-spy (using the letter sound instead of the letter name) are fantastic ways to practise these skills! 

Another key skill that comes before reading and writing, is the ability to blend sounds together. So hearing the separate sounds ‘c - a - t’, and being able to hear the word 'cat'. You can support this at home by playing lots of oral blending games:

The Phonics Play website has some great FREE blending games under the 'Phase 2' section:

Modified games like Simon Says are also great. E.G. Simon says touch your 'ch-i-n', touch your 'b-a-ck' etc…


If you decide to play some of these games with your child at home, please let us know by uploading a photo/video to their Evidence Me profile. We would love to share it with their friends!


 Update October 2020 - End of Term 1:

Wow! What a wonderful first term it has been. 

I have been so immensely proud of how well the children have settled into school life during these strange times. Team Red - you are amazing! 


So... What have we been up to?


This term we have been focusing on settling in, learning the rules and routines, getting to know each other, and making new friendships. We have been exploring the different areas at school, including the classroom, resource area, outdoor classroom, hall, sports zone and forest. We have been learning about the resources on offer and how to safely use and look after each area. We have also been finding out about our new friends and learning what it means to be a kind and helpful friend. We have a special friend called Jigsaw Jenie who helps us learn about our feelings, friendships and making the 'right choice'. 





We have also shared lots of stories. We read 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen. We learnt lots of actions and can retell the story ourselves with no help! We even went on our very own bear hunt in the school forest. It was so much fun!


When we returned from the bear hunt, we found a secret message from a bear who lives in our forest and Miss Hughes managed to film the bear sneaking up to Red Class early in the morning! We were so excited! We decided to write the bear some letters which we left in the forest for him. We were so pleased to find that the bear replied to us with his own secret message - we had to try and figure out what the secret symbols meant. 




We have also been learning 'The 3 Little Pigs' story. We have performed the story (complete with voices and actions) as a whole class, and even made up our own alternative version - The 3 Little Robots! The children had some amazing ideas for alternative characters and materials from which to build the houses. We talked about what materials would be 'strong' and 'weak'.  





In the run up to Halloween, we have been talking about the special event and what happens around this time. The children have made some wonderful halloween crafts, had some spooky dance-offs and even smashed up some pumpkins! Thanks to everyone for making such an effort with the halloween costumes - we had so much fun dressing up. 

P. S. Don't forget to check out your child's Evidence Me profile for more photos and updates on their learning!