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Welcome to Yellow Class

Our last day in Reception

 Yellow Class have enjoyed being back in school, learning and playing with their friends

 We enjoyed dressing up as our favorite book character.  

We had lot of fun in the last week of term, check out the photos of our Christmas lunch and dancing at the Christmas party. This week we have been learning the sounds y and z. 


Have a lovely break see you in 2021. 

Term 2 Week 6             CHRISTMAS!

This week we have finished our nativity video and enjoyed watching ourselves singing. We can't wait for you to see it.

We have been busy making our calendars and Christmas tree decorations too. In number we have learnt all about the number 9 and in Phonics our sounds were j, v, w, x. 

On Friday we enjoyed wearing our Christmas jumpers to school and we had a gingerbread biscuit and orange juice while we watched Stick Man. (see below for photos).

A message from Miss Smith: Thank you for all of your kind words, cards and gifts. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and I will see you in the New Year. Stay Safe 

Term 2 Week 5                      CHRISTMAS!

This week we have been filming scenes and songs for our Christmas nativity. We have had lots of fun practicing our words and the songs. There have also been lots of giggles when filming, there may be some outtakes included on our video! 

In phonics we have  introduced the sounds: ss, ff, ll, as in 'mess'. 'puff' and 'fill'. These are digraphs as they are two letters that make one sound. We have been reading the sight words 'I', 'to', 'no', 'go', 'into' and 'the' and have been practicing all the sounds we have already taught. 

 We have written letters to Santa and are already getting very excited about Christmas.In Maths this week we have been making numbers using numicon. We challenged ourselves to find all the different ways to make 5, 6 and 7 using 2 pieces of numicon. We also Practised counting objects that cannot be moved.

We have begun to make our Christmas cards using our scissor skills to cut out a Christmas tree for the front. We have also decorated Yellow Class and made paper chains to hang. See below photos of us making our party hats and snowflakes with the help of Miss Davidson. 

Term 2 Week 4

This week we made shapes in the woods using sticks, leaves, acorns, pebbles and pinecones. As well as shapes this week we were learning about length and many children we able to describe the length of objects and compare them using vocabulary such as 'longest, shortest, shorter and longer'. In literacy, we thought about lists and when they are useful. We thought about what we would need for a party and wrote a party food list using our sounds. We also started learning some Christmas songs for our Christmas Play! 

This week in phonics we learnt the sounds: h, b, f, l. We also started to look at the sight words: I, to, the, no, go into. 

It would be great if you could support your child to practise recognising and saying these sounds at home as children pick them up best with lots of repetition. Keep sessions short and engaging (just a minute or two is enough for many young children). You could try...

  • playing SPLAT - say a sound and your child has to go and splat the sound card with their hand 
  • hiding the sound cards around the house for your child to find and read 
  • play a speed game where your child tries to read and say all of the sounds as quickly as possible (time it on a phone/ipad/watch for an added challenge)
  • Adult writes the sounds on bits of paper, scrunch them up, and then play a lucky dip for the child to say the sound as they open them
  • make 2 cards for each sound and play a game of sound snap or pairs
  • go on a sound hunt where you have to find as many things as possible that start with a certain sound 

If your child is confident at recognising the letters and saying the sounds, you could also have a go at building words with the flashcards we provided. If your child feels ready, they could even have a go at writing some words. BIG writing is much easier for your child's developing hand muscles, so large floor chalks, sticks and mud, and giant pieces of paper make great writing utensils at this stage!

It is great to see how some of you are progressing in DODDLE MATHS. Your child's login details are stuck to the inside of their reading record. 

Term 2 Week 3

This week is friendship week. We have been learning  what a 'good friend' looks like and talking about bullying and how we can all be good friends. We have also talked about what to do if someone is not being a good friend to you. The children have enjoyed making friendship bracelets for their friends as well as for themselves.

It was great to speak to so many parents for Parents evening this week, thank you for all your lovely comments, we are really enjoying teaching your amazing children.

Our sounds this week are: ck, e, u, r we have been making words with magnetic letters to practice our segmenting skills and practicing sounding out and blending. We have shown the children the first set of 'sight' words, these are words that cannot be sounded out and just need to be remembered. Our first sight words are: I, go, to, no, the, into

We have been developing our listening and speaking skills in the forest this week by leading a partner and giving them clear instructions are where to walk safely.

Term 2 Week 1-2

This term our topic is 'Let's Celebrate'. It was lovely to see your home learning on Evidence Me and hearing all about the learning you did on bonfire night at home. 

During week 2 we have learnt all about the festival of Diwali and how it is celebrated. We decorated the home corner with lights, pictures and rangoli patterns. We created rangoli patterns using coloured sand and watched a video about how a little girl called Jessica celebrates Diwali with her family. In maths we used lots of different resources to create and describe repeating patterns. In the forest we made leaf kebabs. We found a stick and tried to find different coloured and sized leaves to put on. 

Our sounds this week were g, o, c, k    and we have been playing lots of games practicing sounding out and blending words to read. 

Bonfire night home learning

Here are some ideas that you could do over the next few days.

Phonics- Practise the sounds we have learnt so far, using the flashcards in your reading record. Can you put some sounds together to make some words? For example: as, an, it, is, pit, pan, nap, tin, mad, dad, pin, tip, sat, sad.

What can you see in your house that begins with s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d. Can you play I spy with your family using the letter sounds?

Maths- learn all about the number 5.

  • Watch number block episode number 5.
  • Can you find 5 objects in your home?
  • Can you count to 5, clap your hands 5 times, jump 5 times and stamp 5 times?
  • Can you make a 5 poster? Have a go at writing the number 5, drawing 5 fingers, 5 objects and the number block 5.
  • How many ways can you make 5? You could use objects in your home to help you.

Other activities

  • Create a firework picture, using any resources you have in your home. You could use paint, crayons, pens, pencils, glitter and glue.
  • Make a model rocket using cardboard tubes and boxes. Talk about the shapes and colours used.
  • Talk about firework safety rules and why they are important.
  • Can you think of some words to describe fireworks?

We would love to see your home learning. You can upload pictures to your child’s evidence me account.

We hope you have had fun over half term and we look forward to seeing you all back in school on Thursday 5th November.

Term 1

What a term we have had! The children have all settled well into Yellow Class and the routine of school. They have made new friends, enjoyed exploring their new environment and started to learn new things. 

The children have mostly enjoyed playing outside in the forest and outdoor classroom. They love to hunt for bugs under rocks and logs. We have learnt two stories, 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' and 'The Three Little Pigs.' We enjoyed retelling the bear hunt in the forest and retold the 3 little pigs using puppets and a story map. 

We have started phonics and the children have been taught the following sounds: s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d. Flashcards have been sent home to practice saying the sounds and putting sounds together to make words, such as: in, is, as, at, sat, sit, pin, pit, pat, map, dad, mad, tin, and. 

Please see our phonics page of the website for more information and a video on how to say the phonemes.