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Mrs Rogers' 'Welcome' message and story for 

Zog Class 2020-21

Welcome to Zog Class


Term 4 - Animals

'The Snail and the Whale' (Weeks 1-3)

During 'Week 1' we will be finding out about repeated addition.

This is also called multiplication and we'll be using the X symbol in our number sentences.

We dressed up as a book character for World Book Day 2020!

The animals are about to be fed. How many carrots, bones and bananas will be needed to feed the donkeys, dogs and monkeys?            Use the picture arrays to help you solve the problem.   Can you write 3 different number sentences to solve the problem?                  1. A repeated addition sentence.              2. A ..... 'lots of' ..... sentence               3. A multiplication sentence ..... x ....

.We hope you have enjoyed sharing our learning in Term 3.

We are now looking forward to learning about animals in Term 4

Term 3 - Flight

Planes and Parachutes (Week 6)

Creative unicorn will be helping us to understand how Matisse used the story of the boy who flew too close to the sun to inspire his painting 'Icarus'.

In science, with the help of curious cat, we will be asking questions about what can fly and what has been invented so that we can fly. We will be making planes out of different 'paper based' materials and testing which one is the best to use when making a plane that will 'fly the furthest'.          

Can you share with someone how we made this test fair? How could we make it even fairer?

What did we use to measure and record, in m and cm, the distance each plan had flown?

We will also explore what happens when a person jumps out of a plane with and without a parachute.

Can you explain how the parachute works and why the person with the parachute lands safely? 

Thank you to Adam for bringing his hot air balloon to school to share with us.  

We learnt how a hot air balloon works and how they are made. 

We went inside the hot air balloon and felt the special material it is made from.

Instructions (Weeks 4-5)

During week 4 we made a rocket by following a set of instructions.          

All of the instructions started with a 'bossy word', that told us what we had 'to do'

Using the five photos, can you think of 5 good 'bossy word' for what you did whilst making your rocket? 

We enjoyed taking part in the Agility training.

Thank you to the children from the Junior school for helping us. 

Birds in Britain can find it hard to find food in the winter.

During 'Week 5' we will be making a bird feeder by sequencing 5 pictures.

 Unfortunately the written instructions have been lost so after we make the bird feeder we'll work like the owl to plan and write a new set of instructions.    

These will help anyone who wants to make their own bird feeder at home.

      Can you remember the names of these two brothers?               

What did they go on to invent?

Whatever Next (Weeks 1-3)

We will be using our unicorn imagination along with Little Bear when we join him on an adventure as he flies to the moon. 

In Numeracy we will be using different practical apparatus to help us solve subtraction problems. 

In History we will be working like the spider, finding out about the Wright brothers and linking how their inventions have had an impact on us and on Bristol.

.We hope you have enjoyed sharing our learning in Term 2.

We are now looking forward to learning about flight in Term 3

Term 2 Toys

 Please follow our weekly learning during term 2 by referring to the overview which can be found on the 'Year 1' page.

Christmas Celebrations (Week 7)

Throughout the week we will be celebrating Christmas by opening our advent calendar, decorating biscuits for Santa, making cards, decorations and calendars for 2020, eating a Christmas meal, singing carols around the Christmas tree, having a party and waiting to for Santa to visit us.

The Nativity  (Week 6)

'The Nativity' performed by Year 1 was brilliant.

Everyone looked amazing in their costumes (a big thanks for that), spoke clearly and sang their hearts out!

'The Nativity' (Weeks 5 and 6)

During the next two weeks we will be learning like 'Teamwork Bee' as we prepare for and perform 'The Nativity' with our Year 1 friends in Elmer Class and Gruffalo Class.

We all have a part of the story to tell, either as narrators or actors. As you can imagine it's important that everyone in the audience can hear us clearly so in order to improve our learning we're thinking about what makes a great speaker. 

Throughout Term 2 Abbey and Will have been helping us during our Monday PE sessions. We have been developing our team work skills and have realised how important it is to talk to each other and listen carefully in order to work effectively as a team.

We enjoyed our visit to Blaise Castle Museum.

We learnt about the old toys in the museum and how Christmas was celebrated in the past.

What materials were used to make Victorian toys ? (Week 4-5 )

On Thursday of week 4 we will get the chance to see some Victorian toys at 'Blaise Castle Toy Museum'. The toys were made for and played with by Victorian children over 100 years old. We will get a chance to see what materials were used to make their toys and how the different materials have aged. We'll be using our research to help us to write information sentences.

         What materials are used to make our toys today? (Week 3)

Like 'Curious Cat' we will be asking the question 'What materials are used to make our toys?'In Science we will be learning what a scientist does and exploring materials to discover their different properties. This will help us to decide which materials are the best ones to use for a range of different toys.

Can you name the 8 different materials that were used to make our toys?  

Can you share what you found out about the different materials?

Term 1 - Stories We Love

                We hope you have enjoyed sharing our learning in Term 1.               

We are now looking forward to learning about toys in Term 2

Monday 14th October and Thursday 17th October

We look forward to 'parents evening' when our teachers will be sharing how we have settled into Zog Class. They will be chatting about how well we are doing with our learning and working together with our Zog friends.

 During the last month we have been learning like curious cat and asking some questions about 'Jack's growing bean seeds':

'How does a beanstalk grow?',

'What does a beanstalk need to grow?' and 'What are the different parts of the beanstalk called?'

Since planting 'Jack's bean seeds, we have been watching them grow and naming the different parts. 

Our beanstalks have grown so high that they have shot through the clouds and reached the giant's castle.

They are now perfect for Jack to climb!

Drama4all visited us last Wednesday and transported us back to the court of King Arthur. We went on a magical quest with Merlin the Magician to help rescue King Arthur's sword 'Excalibur'.

The Gruffalo (Weeks 6 to 8)

We will be learning like the unicorn to create and describe our own monsters. We will cooking up some imaginary delicious meals - including Owl Ice-cream'.

On Thursday 10th October we went to Westonbirt Arboretum as part of our 'Outdoor Play and Learning' to explore Autumn, trees and all of the woodland characters who feature in 'The Gruffalo'.

We enjoyed our visit to Westonbirt Arboretum learning about the trees and animals there.

The Little Red Hen (Week 5)

Talk for Write

When we use our 'Every Time I Write' checklist we our reminded to think it and say it just before we write it. We will be learning like the Owl to plan what we want to write by retelling 'The Little Red Hen' story using a 'Talk for Write' picture plan.

Can you 'read' the 'Talk for Write' picture plan to help you retell a simplified version of 'The Little Red Hen'? 

Can you remember to use the actions you created and the different voices you used for each of the four characters?

We also used our picture plan to do a shared write of what we had said.

We have been exploring which 2 numbers 'bond' together to make the number 10

Can you slide along the colours of the rainbow to find all of the possible combinations?

Jack and the Beanstalk (Weeks 1-4)

For the first four weeks we will be exploring Jack and the Beanstalk. We will be using a 'Talk for Write' picture plan to help us retell the traditional version of the story. Once we are confident with that we will be writing our own version by thinking what other 'bad creatures' could live at the top of Jack's beanstalk.

Each group came up with their own ideas and decided Jack would meet a witch, a troll, a fox and a wolf at the top of his beanstalk!

We have been planting our own bean seeds and thinking about what the seed will need to grow into a giant beanstalk - just like Jacks!

We have been learning like owl to plan what makes an accurate counter.     

We used the checklist in our own learning to assess whether we have used all of the skills needed to accurately count the beans in Jack's sack.

Working like a scientist, we made toast for 'beans on toast'.

Can you share some of the changes you saw, felt, smelt, heard and tasted? What changes would you not be able to change back?

Throughout this year we will be improving our pencil grip. 

The best way to grip the pencil for the range of movements needed to write cursive letters is called the tri-grip. 

We will also be improving our handwriting by learning more about how to form cursive letters correctly. 

We will be concentrating on each letter and trying them one at a time.  Every letter starts on the line with a 'woosh-in'.