St Stephen's Infant School

Striving, Supporting, Inspiring, Succeeding

Lansdown Road, Bristol, Avon, BS15 1XD

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School Day: 8.45am-3.10pm– all year groups

Our Vision & Values

Striving, Supporting, Inspiring, Succeeding

Since 2006 our vision for St. Stephen's Infant School has been the driving force behind the school's continued improvement 

The staff and governors remain committed to ensuring St. Stephen's Infant School gives all its learners the best possible start to their full-time education.

We have revisited and reviewed our vision every 3 years since 2006.

All stakeholders have been involved in creating our 2018-2021 vision and setting our strategic direction.

As part of this process we have identified the 'core values and principles' that we believe need to underpin the work of the school.

The teaching and modelling of our core values and principles helps children to prepare for life in modern Britain. 

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Our vision statement  and aims set out our core values and principles:


SSIS Vision Statement 2018-2021

At St Stephen’s we are committed to enabling children to have the best possible start to their lifelong journey of learning and discovery.

Our Golden Rules help to build positive relationships and nurture every child to make the right choices and to be part of a happy, safe and supportive school.

We strive to meet the needs of all children and to help them recognise and develop their emerging talents.

Our diverse and engaging curriculum promotes outdoor play, curiosity, creativity and independent learning.

We emphasise the importance of trying your best, never giving up and challenging yourself to succeed.

We want all children, staff, parents and carers to have a voice and feel they are valued members of our community.

At St Stephen’s we are a welcoming and inclusive infant school.


We will:

  • Nurture every child to be a happy, caring and responsible member of our school community.
  • Motivate the children to embrace challenge, learn from mistakes and to realise their dreams and goals.
  • Plan a rich and varied curriculum that truly engages all children and inspires them to succeed.
  • Teach the children to be effective, independent learners who are creative, imaginative, curious, reflective, resilient and supportive of each other.
  • Create indoor and outdoor learning environments that excite, energise and enable children to play, explore and learn.
  • Facilitate the professional development of all staff.
  • Research, review and further improve our practice.
  • Build and maintain positive relationships with parents/carers and the wider community.


Our vision shapes the strategic direction of the school.

Our core values and principles inform how we design and implement our curriculum.



SSIS School Development Plan (SDP)

Our annual SDP sets out actions that will help the school to improve and work towards realising our vision.

Our governors help draft the plan  which contains clear actions for stakeholders to complete.

We review the plan throughout the year.

Please click here to visit our School Development Plan page.



All curriculum areas provide us with opportunities to model, teach and embed these core values and principles.

Our Elli learning characters enable staff to model and teach key skills that help children to develop as confident, creative and independent learners. 

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