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Special Educational Needs

If our experience and expertise shows that a child may have Special Educational Needs, we will discuss this with Parents/Carers.

At St Stephens Infant’s School we recognise that some children may require extra help for some of the curriculum while in school. This could be for academic, social or behavioural reasons. There are ongoing identification procedures for SEND as part of our continuous assessment. The Code of Practice for Special Education Needs provides a structure to support pupils in their learning. It is recognised that at any one time up to 20% of pupils may have a special educational need during their time in school. For many children this will only be for a short time, for others it may be for all of their school life.


Please click here to read our SEND Information Report which sets out how our school will support and make provision for all pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

 Click here to read our SEND Policy

If you have queries regarding your child’s education and/or Special Educational Needs you can contact our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo)

Mrs Cornelius or ring the school office (01454 866470), we will ring you back as soon as we can.


Support is out there  - South Glos parents and Carers are a valuable support with a wealth of information and knowledge

If your child has Sensory needs and you would like advise there is a helpline on Thursdays (8-9.30am) 07971035385 and you can make an appointment later in the day to speak to an Occupational therapist.

There is also a helpline:  07917393196 (Thursdays 9am-12) for advise from an Occupational therapist or Physiotherapist regarding difficulties with fine and gross motor skills.


For more information please click on the links below:

Click here to read our 'Annual SEND Report' to governors.


See below for some information regarding neurodiversity

Support for Parents with children who show signs of ADHD

Supporting a child with ADHD a guide for parents

Sensory Awareness Workshop Thursday 13th October 2022

This morning Claire Phillips from the S.Glos Inclusion support Service led a session for parents/carers on 'Sensory Awareness'.
The workshop was well-attended and it was great to welcome parents/carers from the the Infant and Junior Schools. Mrs Lowrey (SSJS SENCO) also attended. Many thanks to Mrs Cornelius (SSIS SENCO) for organising the workshop.