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Big Picture - Talk like a Scientist

We are all Scientists! Scientists have curious minds and ask questions about the world around them and the way things work. Science is about explaining the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of both natural and man made phenomena. Scientists observe, compare, explore, investigate, problem solve and test things out to find answers to their scientific questions. They use a range of equipment and technology to conduct their investigations, ensuring they use them safely and accurately. Scientists present or explain their findings to others so we can all learn more about the world around us.

 At St. Stephen’s Infant School, we encourage children to think independently; to explore, question and discover the ever changing world around them and become scientists. We create a wide range of practical, hands on, stimulating and challenging experiences to ignite pupil’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge and to develop, secure and extend their scientific knowledge, skills and vocabulary. We encourage children to raise and answer scientific questions as they move forward in their scientific journey.

 By the time children leave our school they will have learnt knowledge in the areas of Everyday Materials, Seasonal changes, Plants, Habitats, Animals and humans and learnt the skills of how to work scientifically, including:

  • Observing changes
  • Noticing patterns
  • Identifying, Grouping and classifying
  • Creating simple and comparative experiments
  • Carrying out research using secondary sources of information
  • Asking questions
  • Gather and record data to help answer questions

Science at St. Stephen's Infant School