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Season Days

To help the children develop an understanding of the four seasons we have planned ‘Season Days’ throughout the year:


Autumn Day – Friday 29th November 2021

Winter Day – Thursday 20th January 2022

Spring Day –Tuesday 22nd March 2022

Summer Day – Tuesday 21st June 2022



During each Season Day the children will take part in a range of learning opportunities including: 

- a walk through the school grounds to observe and record changes

-  working in cross-phase groups  (Rec/Y1/Y2 groups)

- writing seasonal poems 

- creating seasonal themed artwork


Autumn Day 

Friday 26th November 2021

Some photos from Autumn Day:

Gruffalo Class'  Autumn Word Art:

Winter Day

Thursday 20th January 2022

For winter morning the children explored the school site looking for seasonal changes and

created artwork inspired by Claude Monet’s ‘The Magpie’.

Zog Class'

Winter Word Cloud

Reception Winter Day photos:

Y1 Winter Day photos:

Y2 Winter Day photos: