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School Council

Each class elect a boy and girl to act as their 'Representatives' on School Council for Terms 1,2 and 3. 

 'Deputies' are also elected for each class to stand in for Reps if they are away.

The Deputies then take over as Reps in Terms 4,5 and 6.

School Council meets at least once/term to discuss and share ideas to help make St. Stephen's Infants an even better school. 

The School Council helps children to understand the democratic process by giving everyone an opportunity to share their views and to take part in votes to help make decisions.

During Class Council the children are able to discuss and share their views and the Reps then report back to the School Council.

Mr Ruck organises the School Council meetings and records the minutes.

The minutes are shared with the children, staff, parents/carers and governors

St. Stephen’s Infant School

School Council 2023-24


School Council Representatives for Terms 2, 3 and 4:


Sian and Ernie - Yellow Class

Mia-Renae and Archie - Red Class

Victoria and Luke - Blue Class


Billie and Elijah - Zog Class

Ada and Max – Elmer Class

Ella and Nate – Gruffalo Class

     Joni and Isaac – Pegasus Class 

Poppy and Max – Leo Class 

Ava-Grace and Alfie – Draco Class


  School Council Representatives for Terms 5 and 6:


Ariana and Luca - Yellow Class

Sophie and Hunor - Red Class

Bligh and Vinnie- Blue Class


Ava and Harry - Zog Class 

Sienna and Bisman – Elmer Class 

Abigail and Alex – Gruffalo Class


Matilda and Lincoln – Pegasus Class

Arya and Zack – Leo Class

Layla-Mai and Luca J – Draco Class


School Council - Thursday 2nd May.
Our new School Council Reps held their first meeting with Mr Ruck today. The children were presented with their badges and had their team photo taken.
The first decision made by our new School Council was that each class can have an extra 15 minute playtime when we reach 20 Smiley Faces in the hall.
[We have a chart in the hall that the children earn Smiley Faces on for making right choices in assembly]
We are on 18/20 at the moment. Thank you School Council!

School Council Terms 3 and 4 2024

School Council helped plan some ways to improve St Stephen's Infant School. The ideas included:


  • Looking after stuff.
  • A tag area – special area hide and seek camouflage
  • Paint fences
  • Swings – ropes for year groups
  • Dress up day and party and cookies
  • Logs cut them up – put them in a line zig zag trail
  • Soft play in the hall
  • Running track
  • Different lunches WBD
  •  Check going on grass
  • Den building 


We are working on our Outdoor Play and Learning offer so the children have more opportunities to play outside, build dens etc and will keep you posted!

School Council - Monday 11th December 2023

School Councillors welcomed Ada to the group as she was away for our first meeting.

The children had two tasks to complete today:

  • To discuss and agree the next reward for earning 20 smiley faces for right choices during assemblies.
  • think of some ideas for clubs to be run as part of 'Brave Blue Nose Enrichment Time' (BBNET) in Term 3. The clubs will be run by staff during 3 Friday afternoons in Term 3. The children will be able to choose which club they attend. [Details to follow after Christmas.


The children thought of the following ideas for the whole school reward for earning 20 Smiley Faces:

  • a class parachute session  [ 5 votes]
  • a mini Golden Ticket Time for the whole class [7 votes]
  • a fruit kebab treat for every class [6 votes]

The children then voted for each idea and the most popular option was a mini Golden Ticket Time. This will be the next whole school reward. 


Possible ideas for BBNET Clubs Term 3:

  • rugby, cricket, happy, football, dressing up, running, cooking, board and card games, forest, parachute, juggling, sports skills, dance, bean bag, creative and painting.  

School Council - Tuesday 7th November 2023

Today 2023-2024 School Council met for the first time.

The Y2 Reps collected the Reception and Y1 Reps and escorted them to the Log Cabin. 

Mr Ruck introduced the Reps to each other and explained the purpose of School Council.

The children were presented with their SSIS School Councillor badges and then each pair had to decide/agree where they would like their photo taken.

At the next meeting the children will be discussing how we can improve playtimes and ideas for our Term 3 Clubs.

Watch this space!

Archive School Council

School Council Reps 2022-23

The classes have elected their School Council Reps and the first meetings will take place in Term 3.



School Council Representatives for Terms 3 and 4:

Blair and Toby - Yellow Class

Saffi and Rhys - Red Class

Poppy-Alice and Alfie- Blue Class

Isla and Rowan - Zog Class

Erin and Calum– Elmer Class

Lana and Loui – Gruffalo Class

Maisie and Oliver – Pegasus Class

Phoebe and Ezra – Leo Class

Millie and George – Draco Class


School Council Representatives for Terms 5 and 6:

Ronnie and Sofia - Yellow Class

Grace and Hector - Red Class

Phebie and Oscar- Blue Class 

Delainey and Rory - Zog Class

Alba and Ashley – Elmer Class

Cami and Myles – Gruffalo Class

Tiana and Jacob – Pegasus Class

Tallulah and Frankie – Leo Class

Mia and Jasper – Draco Class


School Council Tuesday 21st March 2023

Today we met in our Log Cabin for the reps last meeting. 

Thank you to the Terms 3 and 4 reps for their time on School Council. Over the last couple of terms the children have met with me to think of ways in which we can make SSIS even better.

Next term, instead of after school clubs, staff will be organising a range of different activities for the children to take part in between 2-3pm on Friday afternoons. School Council has drafted a very long list of ideas for the sessions and staff will be choosing one to lead.

We will let you know more info about the ‘Club’ sessions early next term.

School Council also shortlisted, then voted, to decide the next whole school reward for making right choices in assemblies. When the children reach 20 Smiley Faces on the chart in the all

School Council agreed each class should have a party!

SSIS School Council Reps 2021-22

As last year's Terms 4,5 and 6 Reps did not have much time on School Council they are representing their class for this school year. Reception Reps will be elected for Term 6.

Emmeline & Alfie  - Zog Class


Jessica  & Josh  – Elmer Class


Leo  & Isabella – Gruffalo Class


Skyla & Zach – Pegasus Class


Isla & Blake  – Leo Class


Carlee-Rose & Tyrion  – Draco Class

School Council - Wednesday 5th May 2022

This afternoon the KS1 School Council Reps met with Mr Ruck on the Library Bus.

Last term each class thought of ideas to improve our outdoor learning spaces. Today the Reps worked through the ideas and RAG rated them:

 RED = not suitable, too expensive or unsafe

ORANGE = maybe, needs more consideration/discussion 

GREEN = suitable and will look into how we can make this happen

Our next step is for Mr Ruck to discuss the orange/green ideas with

Ms Rice (PE/Outdoor Play & Learning Leader), Mrs England (Lunchtime Team Leader) and Mr Bull (Caretaker) =.

We can then make a plan to turn the ideas into reality!

School Council - Thursday 14th October 2021
This afternoon the KS1 School Council Reps met with Mr Ruck on the Library Bus. The children helped illustrate some reminder letters for our Harvest foodbank collection. The Reps from each class drew/captioned some pictures on the reverse of the letter and then helped Mr Ruck copy a set for each class to take home.
Thank you for your donations so far.....much appreciated!
School Council is back!
First meeting of 2021-22 - Thursday 23rd September.
Mr Ruck met with the Y1 and Y2 Reps -together for the first time for ages!
The children shared their thoughts about being back at school -'nervous, excited, happy, enjoying our new classes'.
Mr Ruck explained how School Council helps to shape the future of SSIS and is a great way of listening to the children's views and ideas. the children in each class will share their ideas and views and School Council Reps will feedback at their meetings.
We presented the Y1 and Y2 Reps with their SSIS School Councillor badges in Celebration Assembly.
Reception Reps will join School Council next term.
The Y1 and Y2 children will vote for their Terms 4, 5 and 6 Reps and we will let you know the outcome.