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St Stephen's Infant

School Council

Each class elect a boy and girl to act as their 'Representatives' on School Council for Terms 1,2 and 3. 

 'Deputies' are also elected for each class to stand in for Reps if they are away.

The Deputies then take over as Reps in Terms 4,5 and 6.

School Council meets at least once/term to discuss and share ideas to help make St. Stephen's Infants an even better school. 

The School Council helps children to understand the democratic process by giving everyone an opportunity to share their views and to take part in votes to help make decisions.

During Class Council the children are able to discuss and share their views and the Reps then report back to the School Council.

Mr Ruck organises the School Council meetings and records the minutes.

The minutes are shared with the children, staff, parents/carers and governors

SSIS School Council Reps 2021-22

As last year's Terms 4,5 and 6 Reps did not have much time on School Council they are representing their class for this school year. Reception Reps will be elected for Term 6.

tbc - Yellow Class

tbc - Red Class

tbc - Blue Class

Emmeline & Alfie  - Zog Class


Jessica  & Josh  – Elmer Class


Leo  & Isabella – Gruffalo Class


Skyla & Zach – Pegasus Class


Isla & Blake  – Leo Class


Carlee-Rose & Tyrion  – Draco Class

School Council - Wednesday 5th May 2022

This afternoon the KS1 School Council Reps met with Mr Ruck on the Library Bus.

Last term each class thought of ideas to improve our outdoor learning spaces. Today the Reps worked through the ideas and RAG rated them:

 RED = not suitable, too expensive or unsafe

ORANGE = maybe, needs more consideration/discussion 

GREEN = suitable and will look into how we can make this happen

Our next step is for Mr Ruck to discuss the orange/green ideas with

Ms Rice (PE/Outdoor Play & Learning Leader), Mrs England (Lunchtime Team Leader) and Mr Bull (Caretaker) =.

We can then make a plan to turn the ideas into reality!

School Council - Thursday 14th October 2021
This afternoon the KS1 School Council Reps met with Mr Ruck on the Library Bus. The children helped illustrate some reminder letters for our Harvest foodbank collection. The Reps from each class drew/captioned some pictures on the reverse of the letter and then helped Mr Ruck copy a set for each class to take home.
Thank you for your donations so far.....much appreciated!
School Council is back!
First meeting of 2021-22 - Thursday 23rd September.
Mr Ruck met with the Y1 and Y2 Reps -together for the first time for ages!
The children shared their thoughts about being back at school -'nervous, excited, happy, enjoying our new classes'.
Mr Ruck explained how School Council helps to shape the future of SSIS and is a great way of listening to the children's views and ideas. the children in each class will share their ideas and views and School Council Reps will feedback at their meetings.
We presented the Y1 and Y2 Reps with their SSIS School Councillor badges in Celebration Assembly.
Reception Reps will join School Council next term.
The Y1 and Y2 children will vote for their Terms 4, 5 and 6 Reps and we will let you know the outcome.

SSIS School Council Reps 2020-21

School Council Representatives for Terms 1, 2 and 3:


Savannah & Jasper - Yellow Class 

Evie & Spencer - Red Class  

Evie & Lucas - Blue Class


Freya & Sonny - Zog Class

 Cara & Joshua – Elmer Class 

Pola & Jack – Gruffalo Class


Molly & Oliver – Pegasus Class 

Eni & Joseph – Leo Class

Isabelle & Arlo – Draco Class



  School Council Representatives for Terms 4, 5 and 6:

Emmeline & Alfie - Yellow Class 

Leo & Isabella - Red Class  

Jessica & Josh - Blue Class


Carlee-Rose & Tyrion - Zog Class

 Skyla & Zach – Elmer Class 

Isla & Blake – Gruffalo Class


 Hadley & Jasmine – Pegasus Class 

Heidi & Oliver – Leo Class

Molly & Eli – Draco Class

School Council Reps Terms 4,5 and 6 2020-21

School Council Meeting Monday 21st June 2021

The Reception, Y1 and Y2 Reps met separately with Mr Ruck today to talk about School Council and to have their photos taken/badges awarded.

The children discussed /agreed with their partner where their photo would be taken. 


School Council Meetings 2020-21

This year it has been challenging to organise and run School Council.

Nevertheless the Terms 1,2 and 3 Reps have met on several occasions and have now completed their term.

We met on the 20th May 2021 to discuss some ideas for the Smarties Challenge reward. Here are the children's ideas:

Smarties Tube Class Treats

Reception Reps


  • Chocolate treat
  • A football treat to eat.


  • Unicorn treats to eat.
  • Party bags with confetti.


  • Some new toys.
  • Jelly babies to eat.

Y1 Reps


  • Some time on the monkey bars and a play.
  • Some Skittles


  • Hot chocolate with marshmallows and a movie to watch
  • Orange juice to drink


  • Some sweets to eat
  • Movie time

Y2 Reps


  • Non-school uniform day
  • Disco for everyone
  • Swimming


  • Non-learning day!
  • Watch movies for the whole day – popcorn


  • Disco
  • Movie with popcorn, sweets and chocolate cake.

The children's ideas were shared with the Friends and it was decided that a film/popcorn/drink treat would be the prize of the class who collected the most money for the Smarties Challenge.

Here are the totals:


Red = £96.28

Yellow = £137.94

Blue = £165.30


Year 1:

Gruffalo =£94.06

Zog = £124.63

Elmer = £104.63


Year 2:

Leo = £65

Pegasus = £50.53

Draco = £81.60


Grand total: £870.88

Congratulations to Blue Class who raised £165.30 and earned the treat!

Thank you to the Friends for organising the Smarties Challenge. See below for photos of Blue Class enjoying their treat.




Tuesday 8th December 2020

 This afternoon Mr Ruck met with School Council Reps from each year group bubble.

It was the first meeting for the newly-elected Reception Reps and Mr Ruck explained about School Council.

The Reception Reps told Mr Ruck what they like about SSIS:

Savannah - 'Playing with my friends.'

Jasper - 'Playing on the rope swings.'

Evie G - 'Playing in the forest.'

Spencer - 'Playing with my friends - everybody helps me.'  

Evie B - 'Playing outside.'

Lucas - 'I like the big tree.'


The Reception Reps were then given their School Council badges and then agreed a place to have their photo taken. See above for photos. Welcome to School Council!


The Y1 and Y2 School council Reps helped Mr Ruck to look at how we can improve our 'Positive Note' which is awarded to children for going 'above and beyond' in following our  School Rules: 'Ready, Respectful and Safe.'

The children thought we could  make the notes look brighter and decorate them with stars, print on silver paper etc. Mr Ruck will pass the feedback onto  Mr Jefferies who is leading our 'Better Behaviours' work at SSIS.

The Y1 and Y2 Reps then drew some pictures on reminder letters to be sent home to all parents/carers. The letters show the items we are collecting for the Help Homeless Believe charity.

The children discussed what being homeless is and how the items will help others.

Thank you for your support! 

Year 1 and Year 2 School Council Meeting

Tuesday 10th November 2020

 Last year's Reception and Y1 Reps did not have the chance to meet on School Council because of lockdown.

So the children will be the Reps for their Y1 / Y2 classes for Terms 1, 2 and 3.

This afternoon the children met with Mr. Ruck in their year group bubbles.

Mr. Ruck explained the work of School Council and  presented the Reps with their 

'SSIS School Councillor' badges.

The children's first task was to agree a place to have their photograph taken for the website and School Council

display in the lobby.

The children will meet again later this term.


 St. Stephen’s Infant School Council Representatives for

Terms 1, 2 and 3 2019-20:

Olivia Bence & Ollie Dipple - Yellow Class 

 Kyra-Jae Thomas & Kaiden R - Red Class 

Faith Donovan & Rowan Harding - Blue Class 

Lillia Hollister & Noah Kerry – Zog Class
Sansa Pavloff & Joseph Tanner – Elmer Class
Ettie Davis & Zac Bryant – Gruffalo Class
Jasmine Osborne & Ellis Cannon – Pegasus Class
Rosie Gay & Lincoln Rendle – Leo Class
Summer Treadwell & Riley Mackie – Draco Class
School Council Representatives for Terms 4, 5 and 6:

Cara Bermingham & Joshua Millar - Yellow Class 

 Freya Bond & Sonny Baker - Red Class  

Pola Krzywonos & Jack Coombs - Blue Class 

Molly Bell & Oliver Ferris – Zog Class
Isabelle McGarvie & Arlo Daly – Elmer Class
Eni Kodranjeci & Joseph Lawes – Gruffalo Class
Daisy Morgan & Kyron Paget – Pegasus Class
Morgan Kelly & Tyler Dempsey – Leo Class
Emily Teakel & Braxton Chandler – Draco Class 

14th February 2020. Y1 and Y2 Reps reflecting at the end of their School Council journey.

School Council Friday 14th February 2020
This afternoon we held the final School Council meeting for our Y1 and Y2 Reps. The children met with Mr Ruck in the Staffroom and discussed, voted and agreed the next whole school reward for earning 20 Smiley Faces in the hall. The ideas ranged from a day off (!) to paper airplane competition day.
Each child had one vote and we ended up with a tie between:
A present for the children to use in the playground and a 'Party Day.'
The children had to discuss and agree how we would sort this out. It was agreed to keep both rewards and vote for which one we would have first.
A present for the children to use in the playground: 11 votes
Party Day: 6 votes
Mr Ruck thanked the Y1 and Y2 reps for their help and all the children enjoyed some biscuits and squash. Our Reception Reps will swap halfway through next term.
Our Terms 4,5 and 6 Reps in Y1 and Y2 take over now.

School Council - 10th January 2020
At today's meeting Mr Ruck shared photographs of the donations we collected for Help Homeless Bristol. This had originally been School Council's idea so it was important the children had an opportunity to reflect and see the impact of their work. We discussed how generous parents/carers and children had been and Mr Ruck shared the 'Thank you' message from Help Homeless Bristol.
We will make sure all the children see the message.
The Reception School Councillors received their badges today as well!

School Council Meeting

Friday 29th November 2019

Today we welcomed our Reception Reps to their first meeting.

The Reps from Red, Blue and Yellow Classes helped create letters to send home to parents/carers informing them of our homeless appeal:

Helping the Homeless in Bristol.

Our school vision sets out a commitment to building positive relationships within the wider community. Last term I asked the School Council how they thought we could help other people in the wider community.  The children decided they wanted to help homeless people. I have been in touch with ’Help Homeless Bristol’ and they have shared a list of much needed items.

We are asking parents/carers to send in donations from

Monday 9th December – Friday 13th December. Please do not send items in before the 9th December.

A donation of any of the following items will be greatly appreciated.

We will ensure your donations reach Help Homeless Bristol in time for Christmas.

Thank you, Mr Ruck.  


Helping Homeless People in Bristol

Cereal Bars


Individually wrapped biscuits

Chocolate Bars

Bottles of water

Cartons of juice

Small packs of wet wipes

Plastic zipper bags

Long life milk

Roll on deodorant

Squirted cream

Sleeping bags


Socks (New)

Men’s boxers (New)

Ladies pants (New)




School Council - Friday 15th November 2019.
This afternoon our KS1 School Council Reps were joined by Councillor Sandie Davis

(Ettie in Gruffalo's grandmother) and Chris from the Friends.
We had a very busy meeting:
- the children thought of some ideas for the next reward for earning 20 Smiley Faces for excellent choices during assemblies. [Please see photo for ideas/votes cast] The children then voted and the idea with the most votes was to have a 'Teddy Day'.
- Chris then explained how each class can help think of names for the Teddy Bear that will be won at the Winter Fayre on Friday 6th December 5-8pm. Come along to the Fayre and try to 'Guess the teddy's name to win it.'
- the children watched a short film about homelessness in Bristol and we worked through the list of items we will be asking parents/carers and local businesses to donate for the HelpHomelessBristol organisation. More details regarding how you can help will follow.
- Sandie then explained her role as a Councillor and told the children how she helps local residents with problems over planning applications, litter etc The children asked Sandie questions about her role as Councillor including 'How long have you been a councillor?' Sandie was elected in May 2019. 'What are you learning about?' Sandie explained she is reciveing some training re: her new role. 'Where do you work?' Sandie told the children she works from home and at the Council Offices in Kingswood.
We thanked Sandie for taking the time to come and meet School Council.

School Council - Thursday 17th October 2019

This afternoon we held our second School council meeting of the term. Mr Ruck and the Reps were joined by Chris Galley (Friends' Chair and new Parent Governor).

Mr Ruck shared the school's vision with the children and explained how the governors help lead the school and make important decisions. The children recognised keywords from our 2018-21 Vision statement such as 'Golden Rules', 'discovery', 'never giving up','happy and safe', 'play', 'learning' and 'voice'. Mr Ruck explained that School Council is the voice of the children @ SSIS. School Council needs to gather ideas and thoughts from the other children in each of their classes. Mr Ruck also explained what 'community' means and that we need to think of ways in which we can help other people in our community.

We already help the residents of some of the local OAP homes and our Harvest donations will support homeless people in central Bristol.

School Council agreed that next term we will help homeless people in Bristol by collecting items they can use.

Mr Ruck has linked up with Helphomeless Bristol and the children worked through some of the items that they need:

Cereal Bars


Individually wrapped biscuits

Chocolate Bars

Bottles of water

Cartons of juice

Small packs of wet wipes

Plastic zipper bags

Long life milk

Roll on deodorant

Squirted cream

Sleeping bags


Socks (New)

Men’s boxers (New)

Ladies pants (New)


Some of the other ideas included washing the staff's cars to raise money for charity and helping local elderly residents with their gardening.

We will let you know how you can help next term.

Thank you School council and thank you to Chris for helping us.

Thursday 3rd October 2019 - Y1 and Y2 School Council.
This afternoon Mr Ruck met with the newly appointed Y1 and Y2 School Council Representatives.
The children were selected by their classmates to represent them at the School Council Meetings.
Today the children found out about School Council and how they will help represent their classmates and work together to help improve SSIS and beyond!
This term School Council is helping to support homeless people in Bristol - this links with our Harvest donations. More details to follow.
The children were given their special 'SSIS School Councillor' badges and then had to agree a location for their photograph to be taken. The photos will be displayed in the lobby and on the School Council page of our website.

St. Stephen’s Infant School  

School Council 2018-19

School Council Representatives for Terms 1, 2 and 3:

 Lola Horrell & Dexter Cornes - Yellow Class

Yvie Sweetland & Cody Withers - Red Class

Wren Miles & TJ Sibley - Blue Class

Emily Firmin & Bobby Bishop – Zog Class

Jovie Fey & Daniel Kear – Elmer Class

Rubylea Haddow & Bradley Vernoum-Kerwin – Gruffalo Class

Bella Jochenko & Reggie Wheatley – Pegasus Class

Sophie Morgan & Mius Creed – Leo Class

Raeya Drake & Jack Herbert – Draco Class

School Council Representatives for Terms 4, 5 and 6:

Anelise Oltean & Ollie Reddin - Yellow Class

Nancy Richardson & Rex Giles - Red Class

Charley Duggan & Lathan Felah - Blue Class

Nevana Brake & Kameron Hall-Griffith – Zog Class

Tiya Morgas & Zayden Haskins – Elmer Class

Elsie Tape & Jack Woodhouse – Gruffalo Class

Takara Burgess & Theo Cole – Pegasus Class

Sienna Watson & Harry Andrews – Leo Class

Lilia Hodgson & Morgan Bird – Draco Class

School Council Reps Terms 4, 5 and 6 2019.

School Council Meeting

Thursday 14th March 2019

This afternoon Mr Ruck held the first School Council meeting for the Terms 4,5 and 6 Reps. The children met on the bus and introduced themselves to each other. Mr Ruck explained their role and then the children set about their work! The children discussed ideas for the next 20 Smiley Face reward in the hall. (Smiley Faces are earned by the children for making right choices during assemblies. 
We shortlisted to these 2 ideas:
- extra play session for each class on the bus
- ice cream treat for everyone

The children voted:
- 3 children voted for the extra play session on the bus
-15 children voted for the ice cream treat

The children then had to decide where they would like their photograph taken for our School Council display/website page.
A great first meeting....well done School Council!

School Council Reps Terms 1, 2 and 3 2019.

School Council Meeting Thursday 7th February 2019

Today School Council met with Mr Ruck to discuss their favourite kinds of learning and to think of possible ideas for Term 5 clubs. Many of the children said they really enjoy maths, writing and science learning and they would like to spend more time drawing and painting. 
Mrs Perris (Leader of Learning) and Mr Doyle (Curriculum Leader) will be using the children's suggestions to inform the review of our curriculum.
Suggestions for Term 5 clubs included: Rocket Club;Building Club;Playpod Club;Explosion Club; Tree Club; Butterfly Club; Tennis Club and Bus Club.

School Council Reps Terms 4, 5 and 6 2018.

School Council Meeting

Tuesday 17th April 2018

 Golden Ticket Time takes place on Friday afternoons.

Three children from each class are awarded 'Golden

Tickets' by their classteacher for making the right choices.

The lucky winners visit the hall to have fun, eat biscuits and

drink squash! When the weather permits Golden Ticket Time is held outside. Our team of General Assistants (GAs) lead Golden Ticket Time: Mrs Cook, Mrs Hunter, Mrs Jackson and Mrs Toon. 

In Term 3 each class thought of ideas to improve

Golden Ticket Time.

one pf the ideas was to make the session longer. We

introduced this change immediately and now the session

is 35 minutes long rather than 20.

Today the School Councillors revisited these ideas.

The children worked in cross-phase groups and read

through each class' suggestions for improving Golden

Ticket Time.

The children took it in turns highlighting  ideas that we

thought we could use. Sadly we had to ignore any suggestions

that involved eating lots of strawberry doughnuts or


Some of the highlighted ideas:

  • play parachute games
  • play with playdough (very popular with all the children)
  • play board games
  • read books
  • play with jigsaw puzzles
  • have a disco
  • marble run
  • dolls house
  • junk modelling and craft activities 
  • We will aim to introduce as may of these ideas into Golden Ticket Time ASAP!
School Council Reps Terms 4, 5 and 6 2018.
Last week Mr Ruck met with the new School Council Reps for the first time. The Reps introduced themselves and then had to agree the next whole school reward for earning 20 Smiley Faces (for making right choices in assemblies).
The children thought of some ideas and then shortlisted to the following three:
- each class having an extra art/craft session (4)
- each class having extra fruit (2)
- each class having a parachute session with Mr Ruck (10)
The children then voted for their favourite one. (The number of votes is above in brackets)
So each class will have a parachute session with Mr Ruck when the whole school earns 20 Smiley Faces.
The Reps then agreed where they would like their photograph taken - see photos below.
The photos will appear in the lobby on the School Council display.
Well done School Council!

School Council Reps for

Terms 1, 2 and 3 


Once elected the Reps' first task was to discuss, and agree with their partner, where they would like their photograph taken.

The photos are displayed on the School Council board just inside  the main entrance to the school.


School Council Representatives for 2017-2018 Terms 1, 2 and 3:

Layla Hall-Cousins & Cassius-Chase Wynne - Yellow Class

Isabella Abraham & Bobby Browne - Red Class

Frankie Osborne and Tyler Dyer - Blue Class

Lauren Wigmore & Ajay Bradford – Zog Class

Lottie Lewis & Mika Pavloff – Elmer Class

Sienna Whitehead & Charlie Smith – Gruffalo Class 

Sam Bell & Ffion Lovell – Pegasus Class

Sadie Britton & Daniel Phillips – Leo Class

Eloise Dumas & Callum Langley – Draco Class


School Council Representatives for Terms 4, 5 and 6:

Edie Murphy & Ellis Linbourne - Yellow Class

Megan Alecci & Anthony Taylor-Penny - Red Class

Aeirron Fortune and Arjan (AJ) Singh-Rodh - Blue Class

Sadie Oren & Bradley Walsh – Zog Class

Lily Kiely & Tyler Gregory – Elmer Class

Darcey Willett & Charlie Pearse – Gruffalo Class

Rylee Kenyon & Shanade Williams – Pegasus Class

Millie Powell & Lucas Walker – Leo Class

Alice Hewitt & Stanley Rowley – Draco Class

Enter text...

Thursday 22nd February 2018

The Terms 1,2 and 3 School Council Reps met for the last time today to enjoy a drink and a biscuit. It was the school's way of saying 'Thank you' to them for their hard work over the last few months.

The Reps have listened to each other, asked questions and thought of some great ideas to improve the school and help our community.

See the vidoes below to hear what the children have

enjoyed about being on School Council.

The children were awarded certificates in Celebration Assembly on

Friday 23rd February.

Well done everyone!

School Council on the bus -

Thursday 25th January 2018
This afternoon School Council Reps met with Mr Ruck. 
The children followed up their ideas for helping others in the local community. We have contacted Help Homeless Bristol and they have given us a list of the following items to collect:
- cereal bars & individually wrapped biscuits
- chocolate bars
- crisps
- small packs of wet wipes
- deodorant
- travel size shampoo
- lip balm
- talcum powder
- shower gel
- Pot Noodles

Please help us in supporting this worthy cause and send donations into the school before the end of term. We will then make sure they reach homeless people in Bristol. Thank you!
Thank you to Emma Case (Lilly and Charlie's mum) and to Jodie Phillips (Jacob and Daniel's mum) for their advice on this.

School Council also discussed ways in which we can improve Golden Ticket Time. The reps read out a wishlist written by their class. We will definitely be looking into making sure we have some play dough; more board games; more Wii games etc.
Our General Assistants (GA's): Mrs Cook, Mrs Jackson, Mrs Toon and Mrs Hunter organise Golden Ticket Time so Mr Ruck will liaise with them re: the children's ideas. 
We will keep you posted.
[PS If you have any suitable board games, construction kits, jigsaw puzzles or old Wii games you no longer need please send them in. We will use them for Golden Ticket Time and/or to play with on the bus. Many thanks.]

School Council Meeting 

Thursday 11th January 2018

We had a very busy first School Council meeting of 2018.
As part of this year's School Development Plan Mrs Otter (Community Cohesion Leader) is looking at how we can become more involved in the local community.
School Council thought about this today and we agreed the following possibilities:
- children (supervised by school staff!) could visit local eldelry people and help them with some gardening. e.g. weeding and planting some flowers
- we could hold a tea party for local elderly people
- the children were very keen to help homeless people. We thought we could organise a collection of clean, used warm clothing to donate to the Julian Trust. Eloise suggested that we could knit some warm clothes for homeless people.
We will follow these ideas up this term and keep you posted.
Meanwhile, if you know of an elderly neighbour who may benefit from a visit by a crack team of infant gardeners please call the school office and let us know.
School Council are also looking at how we can improve 'Golden Ticket Time'. Our team of General Assistants: Mrs Cook, Mrs Hunter, Mrs Jackson and Mrs Toon organise Golden Ticket Time in the hall or outside if the weather permits. Every Friday afternoon three children from each class are rewarded for making right choices by being given a ticket to 'Golden Ticket Time.' 
The children play games, play on the Wii, eat snacks, have a drink of squash and generally have fun.
The whole school will be involved in looking at how we can improve Golden Ticket Time. School Council will meet again on 25/1/18 to look at the children's ideas. We will keep you posted!

School Council Meeting

Monday 16th October 2017

Thank you to Mrs Rogers and Art Club for the amazing rainbow picture which is now on the bus! 
School Council held their latest meeting on the bus.
The Y1 and Y2 Class Reps worked with Mr Ruck to think of some ways we can make St Stephen's Infant School even better. The children had ideas for improving the playground and their learning. e.g. the children would like some more plants in the playground and would like to play with the Junior School children in the summer. The children had plenty of ideas and we will be including some of them in our School Development Plan for 2017-2018. Details to follow.
The Reception classes have nominated their School Council Reps and they will be joining the meetings next term!

School Council Reps for

Terms 1, 2 and 3 


Once elected the Reps' first task was to discuss, and agree with their partner, where they would like their photograph taken.

The photos are displayed on the School Council board just inside  the main entrance to the school.

School Council Representatives for Terms 1, 2 and 3:


Maisie Stefano & Daniel Bermingham - Yellow Class

Rosa Daly & Amadou Deme - Red Class

Alanna Powell & Charlie Andrew- Blue Class

Kady Murray & Bobby Britton – Zog Class

 Eva Stewart & Jason Hawkins – Elmer Class

Sienna Oren & Leo Parkinson – Gruffalo Class

Cassie Roberts & Kai Murray – Pegasus Class

Skye Milhano & Luca Stinchcombe – Leo Class

Katie Wigmore & Connor Gazzard – Draco Class


School Council Representatives for Terms 4, 5 and 6:

Ellie Hawkins & Phoenix Shawket - Yellow Class 

Nevana McKayle & Sonny Stinchcombe - Red Class

Skye Appleford & Scott Hedley - Blue Class

Ruby Cook & Ronnie Perrott – Zog Class

Megan C & Harley Morgan – Elmer Class

Tilly Harris & Joel Pawluczak Rocha – Gruffalo Class

Sienna Parsons & Zach Prince – Pegasus Class

Chelsea Delve & Connor Bendle – Leo Class

Dita Miles & Alfie Carter – Draco Class

School Council Monday 19th June 2017
This term we are thinking about 'Changes' and today School Council prepared some questions related to their new year groups. The Reception children thought about questions related to Y1 and the Y1 children about Y2 etc.
Amongst other things, the children wanted to know about their new classrooms, whether the work will be 'hard', if they will be able to build dens in their new year group,how many computers there are and where there pegs will be.
Over the next 2 weeks all the children will be thinking of these kind of questions. Mr Ruck will then organise time for Reception classes to meet with Y1 children so their questions can be answered. Y1 to meet with Y2 and Y2 to meet with Y3.
All the Rec/Y1 children will visit their new classes during Weeks 5,6 and 7. The Y2 children will be taking part in a number of transition activities with SSJS.

School Council Meeting
Monday 27th March 2017
Today the School Council reps met with Ms Cruickshank on the bus to discuss plans for our Outdoor Play & Learning spaces. In addition to our Friends' Just Giving page we are hoping to access some Lottery funding to help finance some new equipment. The children looked at some ideas online and shared their thoughts. Early next term we will shortlist some options for the children to vote on.

School Council Meeting

Monday 28th February 2017

Today we held the last meeting for our Terms 1,2 and 3 School Council reps.

The children have represented their classes brilliantly.


Over the three terms School Council has discussed and

voted in relation to a range of issues.


The children said they have enjoyed 'making choices'.


As a way of saying 'Thank you'to the Reps. Mr Ruck

prepared some squash and biscuits.


Thank you to all the reps! The first meeting for the


Terms 4,5 and 6 Reps is on Monday 6th March 2017.   

School Council Meeting

Friday 13th January 2017

Today School Council had their first meeting of this year with Mr Ruck.

Please click here to read the minutes:


Tuesday 22nd November 2016

School Council Meeting.

Today we welcomed the Reception Reps to our School Council meeting in

Mr Ruck's Office.

The children shared their views on 'What is going well at SSIS?'

Leo said he had enjoyed seeing the sunflowers grow in the playground earlier this year.

Jason had enjoyed Friendship Week and Connor said he thought

'Our learning is going well. We are improving.'

The children then thought of ideas for the next whole school reward for earning 20 Smiley Faces in the hall. The children earn Smileys for making right choices during assembly.

Here are the School Council's ideas:

- Treasure Hunt for the children with golden coins

- Teddy dog for each class

- Fruit sale at the end of the day

- Fruit Treasure Hunt

- Santa treat for each class

- Chocolate egg hunt

- Cupcakes for every class

- Chocolate lolly

- Cake

- Toy dog for each class

- Bus treat

- Toy hunt around the school

- Chocolate

We discussed the ideas and agreed that a Treasure Hunt clue for each class  leading to a present  (not food) would be our next whole school reward.

Great work School Council!

Harvest Time at SSIS!

Monday 17th October 2016

The KS1 School Council Reps helped create a heart shape using your food donations to symbolise 'Sharing and thinking of others'.
Thank you for your donations.
Food donations need to be sent into school by Friday 21st October.
We will be presenting our donations to John from the Julian Trust as part of our KS1 Harvest Service. Lisa Wigmore will also be joining us from

St Stephen's Church.

See below for Archive School Council 2015-16

reports etc.....




School Council Reps for Terms 4,5 and 6:

School Council 2015-2016 Representatives for Terms 4, 5 and 6:


Kacie Paget & Jayden Jefferies - Yellow Class 

 Jessica Ramenda & Tom Garland - Red Class 

Romilly Langdon & Joshua McCarthy - Blue Class



Martha Thomson & Jack Dipple – Zog Class 

Isla Bennett & Alex Hardiman – Elmer Class 

Amelie Dumas & Noah Cardwell – Gruffalo Class


Lauren Heley & Logan  – Pegasus Class 

Ruby Rummins & Alfie Searle-Webb – Leo Class 

Maia Newland & Samuel Smith – Draco


School Council 2015-2016 Representatives for Terms 1, 2 and 3:



Sophia Davies & Blake Evans - Yellow Class 

  Ella Wong & Riley Mair - Red Class 

Elizabeth Shiner & Freddie Cousins - Blue Class



Mariamie Williams & Samuel Hodges – Zog Class 

Maisie Tilley & Yunusu Deme – Elmer Class 

Chloe Galley & Joseph Hollister  – Gruffalo Class



Emilia Cornes & Jamie Mulholland – Pegasus Class

Chaya Johnson & Solomon Stinchcombe – Leo Class 

Emily-Rose King & Liam Crow – Draco Class

School Council Term 6 2016

Whole School Reward for Right Choices in Assemblies -
Thursday 21st July 2016
School Council had agreed that the reward for earning 20 Smiley Faces for making right choices in assemblies would be a fruit treat for each class.

Each class voted for their favourite 3 fruits.
Harry stuck the 20th Smiley Face up on our chart in assembly on Friday 15th July and today the School Councillors delivered their class' fruit treat!
[Thank you to Maia Newland for taking the photos!]

School Council Term 6


This term in some of our assemblies and PSHE sessions we have been focussing on 'Changes.'
School Councillors have been helping the children prepare to move up to their new class in September.
All the children have had the opportunitiy to prepare questions about their new year group for older children to answer
e.g. The Reception children wanted to know if there are any toys in Y1.
School Councillors then read through all the questions and prepared answers.
This week we have held 3 sessions in the hall for School Councillors to feedback to each year group and answer the questions.
One of the sessions included Charlotte, Ellie and Luke (Y3) coming over from SSJS to answer Y2 questions.
The whole process has really helped prepare the children for moving on up in September!!

School Council Reps Terms 4, 5 and 6.

School Council Meeting Wednesday 11th May 2016

[pictures below]

At today's meeting the children worked through their classmate's suggestions for Term 6 Clubs.

The School Councillors worked like Teamwork Bee to highlight 'new ideas'.

Click here to read the list of ideas that ranges from

'Ultimate Frisbee Club' to 'Happy Club.'

The list of ideas is now on the wall of the Staffroom for staff to sign up to run.

We will send a letter out to you before the end of Term 5 with the shortlisted club list.

School Council Reps Terms 4, 5 and 6.

The first decision our new School Council Reps had to make was where they would like their photograph taken.

We have updated the School Council noticeboard with photos of the Terms 4,5  and 6 Reps.

At our meeting on Wednesday 22nd April 2016 School Council thought of some ways of improving St. Stephen's Infant School:- more games on Sports Day - more basketballs in the playground- making a Buddy Bench for the small playground

We will action these ideas.

The children also had a vote on the next whole school reward for earning 20 Smiley Faces in Assembly.

The children shortlisted their ideas to:

An ice lolly each and an extra playtime.

The children voted:

15 votes for an ice lolly

1 vote for an extra playtime.

So the whole school reward for earning 20 Smiley Faces will be an ice lolly each!

Thank you to Terms 1,2 and 3 School Council Reps!

During Term 3 the School Council Reps helped plan improvments to lunchtimes,

Term 6 clubs and rewards for right choices during whole school  assemblies.

Please see the minutes below.

On Tuesday 23rd February the Reps met for the last time and enjoyed a drink and a biscuit as a treat!

Thank you to you all!

Terms 4,5 and 6 Reps' first School Council meeting is on Friday 4th March 2016.

Friday 13th November 2015

Today our School Councillors delivered the children's reward for earning 20 Smiley Faces in our assemblies.

The prize was chosen by the School Councillors - 288 colouring pencils for each class!

Teddy Bears' Picnic in the hall or Cartoon session?

Tuesday 10th November 2015

Today we had our first full School Council meeting with Reception and KS1 Reps.

The children helped  discuss ideas for our whole school reward for making right choices during assemblies.

We shortlisted the ideas down to just two:

A cartoon session in the hall or a teddy bears’ picnic in the hall.

School councillors voted 14 votes to 4 in favour of a cartoon session in the hall.

Emily wrote on the sign to go in the hall to share this with the school.


Mr Ruck informed School Council that the Friends have agreed to help fund a new piece of play equipment for the main playground.

Mr Ruck showed the children a picture of an installation with a small house and slide included. The children then discussed

‘Why do we need a new larger piece of play equipment?’

- ‘The little one hasn’t got any big climbing ladders’ -Blue Class

-‘Because it is nice and we can play we can take turns on the slides’ – Yellow Class

- ‘Lots of children can go on it.’  - Red Class

- ‘Lots of people can play on the slide’ -  Elmer Class

- ‘The other one is old and the new one is bigger. Children need a bigger climbing frame.’ – Draco Class

- ‘If we have 2 slides we can all have a go we can share them. -  Leo Class

- ‘2 people could go down the slide at the same time if we get a wide slide.’ Pegasus Class.

Mr Ruck will share these thoughts with the Friends.

Please click on link below to read the minutes from the meeting.

Minutes from 2016-17 School Council Meetings

School Council meeting Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Friday 17th July 2015

School Councillors planted the class pumpkin plants out on our manure heap.

Hopefully we will have some pumpkins to enter the Fonthill competition this Autumn!

The School Councillors had a snack to celebrate their fantastic effort this year.

SSIS School Council 2014-2015

Each class elect a boy and girl to act as their 'Representatives' on School Council for Terms 1,2 and 3. 

 'Deputies' are also elected for each class to stand in for Reps if they are away.

The Deputies then take over as Reps in Terms 4,5 and 6.

School Council meets at least once/term to discuss and share ideas to help make St. Stephen's Infants an even better school. 

The School Council helps children to understand the democratic process by giving everyone an opportunity to share their views and to take part in votes to help make decisions.

During Class Council the children are able to discuss and share their views and the Reps then report back to the School Council.

Mr Ruck organises the School Council meetings and records the minutes.

The minutes are shared with the children, staff, parents/carers and governors -

Please see links at the foot of the page.     


School Council 2014-2015 Representatives for Terms 1, 2 and 3:


 Maisie Roberts & Cole Shortman - Yellow Class

Ava Fortuna & Colby Burgess - Red Class

Isla Davey & Ciaran Rawding - Blue Class


Abbie Fleming & Leo Evans – Zog Class

Lewis Allen-Owen & Evie Wall – Elmer Class

Oliver Bishop & Chloe Curnock –Gruffalo Class


Rhys Hill & Evie Britton – Pegasus Class

Ruby Radburn & Alfie Presland – Leo Class

Millie Coe & Reggie Sheppard – Draco Class

 School Council Representatives for Terms 4, 5 and 6 are:

Isla McKinney & Vincent Taylor - Yellow Class

Nevaeh Thomas & Tyler Hobbs - Red Class

Isabelle Cannon & Tyler Bowden - Blue Class


Louise Wilson & Jacob Pitman – Zog Class

Lily-Rose Pate & Kylan Wong – Elmer Class

Eva Cording-Wilson & Harrison Tape –Gruffalo Class


Amy Lewis & Luke Skinner – Pegasus Class

Abbie Parfrey & Daniel Vincent – Leo Class

Ashlyn Osborne & Kalem Cross – Draco Class


Changes - Tuesday 7th July 2015

Thank you to the Y1 School Councillors who came to answer the Reception children's questions about life in the Y1 block. The Reception classes had thought of some great questions ranging from
'What toys do you have in Y1?' to 'Where do we wait at the start of the day?'
All Reception and Y1 children will be visiting their new classes to meet their new teachers on Tuesday 14th July.

Pumpkin Growing Competition

On Friday 24th April 2015 School Councillors planted their class pumpkin seeds.

We are entering the Fonthill Garden Centre Pumpkin Growing competition.

Right Choices during Assembly = a new book for each class!

The whole school reward for earning 20 Smiley faces (for making right choices in Assembly) is that each class has a new book bought for them.

Each pair of School Councillors discussed and decided which book they would like bought for their class.

Each class will also have an extra ‘surprise’ book bought for them.

Well done everyone!


Money! Money! Money!

During Term 2 School Council helped decide how to spend the £100 donation each class received from our Friends and

NatWest Bank.School Council discussed possible ways of:

How not to spend the money:

  • Sweets and chocolates and sugar biscuits
  • Food – toy food is ok
  • A real elephant or real animals – an elephant would be too loud. Horse would be too big.
  • TV
  • Not enough to buy a climbing frame
  • Ice creams
  • Glass things

How to spend the money:

  • New felt tip pens / new tables OB/CC
  • Minecraft X box - CF/LR
  • Minion Games and Toys – RS/MC
  • Puppets and Lego Batman/Friends for the girls and boys – RH/EB
  • New computer and comfy chair – KW/EW
  • New games for the Wii – RR/AP

School Council thought that if children in each class cannot decide between objects they should have a vote.

Each class democratically decided which items to purchase with the £100. The information was put onto a spreadsheet.

Please click on your child's class spreadsheet to see how the money was spent!



BlueClassCouncilbudget sheetoct14.xlsx

Copy of YellowClassCouncilbudget sheetoct14.xlsx

DracoClassCouncilbudget sheetoct14 complete.xlsx


GruffaloClassCouncilbudget sheetoct14.xlsx

LeoClassCouncilbudget sheetoct14.xlsx

RedClassCouncilbudget sheetoct14.xlsx

ZogClassCouncilbudget sheetoct14.xlsx

PegasusClassCouncilbudget sheetoct14.xlsx




Mud! Mud! Mud!

During Term 3 School Council thought about ways in which we could solve our mud problems in parts of the playground. 

We went outside and looked for the muddiest places!

Opposite Blue Class and under the tree with the rope swings are very muddy.


School Council then discussed ways to help children avoid walking through the mud.

The ideas included:

  • building a small fence with a gate
  • - putting signs up saying 'Please Keep Off the Mud!'

- put some matting onto the grass


Mr Ruck is following up these ideas with Mr Brooks (Caretaker) and the school governors.

We are planning to put some matting under the tree with the rope swing.


Making St. Stephen's Infant School Even Better!

Also during Term 3 School Council discussed what they like about St. Stephen's Infant School (SSIS) and how we can make it even better.

School Council like:

'the children at SSIS'


'playing tag'

'painting and drawing'

'playing with the knights and castle'

'playing football in the playground'

'when it snows at school'

'playing on the wobbly bridge'

'playing in the wooden house'

'playing on the spinning log'

'the whole school'

'ILOs' [independent learning opportunities]

'learning on the computer'


To make SSIS even better School Council think we could:

- plant more grass near the trees and some flowers

- have a bigger slide and a swing

- have new clothes in the role play areas

- buy a tree or play  house with a slide coming out and a climbing frame with signs on 

- put picnic blankets and some books outside in the summer

  • - write some letters on the computer to  children in other schools
  • - put more fish in the pond

Mr Ruck is going to see the Friends about using some of the money they raise to support some of School Council's ideas. In particular he will ask next term's School Council to help cost up the possibility of building a new playhouse with a slide for the playground!


Thank you for your great ideas School Council!

February 2015

Y2 School Council Reps go on an Elli Safari!

Please click on this link to find out more....................

Thank you to our Terms 1, 2 and 3 Reps!

The School Council Reps for Terms 1, 2 and 3 were awarded certificates in Celebration Assembly on Friday 27th February 2015 to say 'Thank you' for their hard work.

The Reps have been brilliant and had a treat of biscuits and squash!

The Terms 4, 5 and 6 Reps' first meeting is on Friday 13th March 2015! 

Please click on link(s) to read School Council Meeting Minutes: