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Phonics at St Stephen's

Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised

We use Little Wandle resources in our Phonics lessons and each class has a frieze, sound mats and a 'Grow the Code' chart to support the children's learning. We link the graphemes to an image and use a caption to help children remember them. The children are very enthusiastic about the pictures and enjoy learning the new captions.

There is a clear progression which we follow and we use 'keep-up' sessions based on regular assessment to ensure children make excellent progress in Phonics. 

Here is the Little Wandle progression document;  

To support your child at home, please follow this link;

Here are the sound mats we use at school;

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 Here is the Little Wandle Grow the Code chart; 

Here is the letter regarding reading books and how we match decodable texts to your child's phonic knowledge using our regular assessments;

Here are some images of our fabulous phonics.

At the end of Year 1, children take part in a Phonics Screening Check. Below is the information we shared at our Workshop for Parents in May 2023.