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Design Technology

Big Picture - Talk like a Designer and Creator (DT)

Understand how things work, exploring and testing tools and techniques. Inventing new creations by planning ahead to create designs, using a range of tools. Solving problems through evaluating, adapting and improving ideas – developing resilience by self or in a team. We explore where food comes from, cooking and tasting food that we have made.


At St Stephen’s Infants School, we believe that Design Technology should be an inspiring, creative and practical subject where imagination and independent learning is encouraged and nurtured. Children are provided with opportunities to use their knowledge of Cooking and Nutrition, Textiles (and materials), Construction and Mechanisms. In all areas of Design Technology, children are taught the knowledge, understanding and skills needed in the process of designing and making. They select and use a range of tools and equipment safely and effectively. Children are encouraged to evaluate the effectiveness of their designs and requirements of the product.

DT Curriculum to be published here soon