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Promoting Positive Behaviour @ SSIS!


We make the right choices and are 'Ready, Respectful & Safe!'


Please click here to read SSIS Behaviour Regulation policy.


Recognition for making right choices...........


At St Stephen’s Infant School we have high expectations for both the children’s academic ability and their behaviour.

We view all behaviour as a form of communication and use an emotion coaching approach to support children. Emotion coaching emphasises emotional regulation and helps children understand their varying emotions as they experience them, why they occur, and how to handle them. For example, when speaking to a child staff help them understand the emotion or feeling that is behind a behaviour. Staff will say to children 'I can see you are feeling ‘angry,’ or I think you are showing me ‘you’re sad'.

We promote consistency in all of our interactions with children and strive for every adult to meet children's needs in the same way. We use the language of 'Right Choice' and 'Wrong Choice' when communicating our expectations with children.


We have three clear rules for the children to remember and follow:

Ready, Respectful and Safe.

Children are taught how the rules apply to all aspects of school life including playtimes, lunchtimes, assemblies etc. We expect children to know why we have these rules and how important it is they follow them.

Staff reward ‘Right choices’, good behaviour and positive attitudes in the following ways:


  • By praising children – a big ‘THANK YOU’!
  • Sharing written comments and feedback on children’s work
  • Awarding stickers in class, the Dinner Hall and playground
  • Awarding Elli character stickers to celebrate a child learning like the ……tortoise for example.
  • Writing a positive note to take home and share
  • One of our teaching staff nominating a child as ‘Star Learner of the Week’ or ‘Star Reader of the Week’ certificate presented in Celebration Assembly and Headteacher phones home after school to inform Parents/Carers
  • One of our Lunchtime Team awarding a Lunchtime Raffle ticket for excellent behaviour in the Dinner Hall or playground. All the named tickets are placed in a jar and during Celebration Assembly 2 tickets are chosen. The lucky winners choose a prize.
  • One of our Lunchtime Team nominating a child as a ‘Lunchtime Star’ in Celebration Assembly
  • Going to other classes to share good work and/or positive attitude
  • Going to see  Head or Deputy Head to share good work and/or positive attitude
  • Awarding a Class ‘Smiley Face’. When 10 Smileys are coloured in class earns a reward that has been mutually agreed by classteacher/children.
  • Awarding a Whole school ‘Smiley Face’ in Assembly when the school has collectively acted in a positive way. 20 Smileys earn a reward that has been chosen by School Council. e.g. 15 minutes extra playtime.
  • Teaching staff nominating 4 children from each class to receive a ‘Golden Ticket’ for following our three rules. The reason why the child has earned the Golden Ticket is written on it so the child can take it home and share with Parents/Carers. Each class takes time to acknowledge the 4 Golden Ticket holders. The ticket entitles the child to attend Golden Ticket Time in the hall or outside on Friday afternoons. During Golden Ticket Time children are able to play games, play on the Wii, dance, eat snacks etc.

The rewards are important but we want the children to understand by making right choices they help keep our school a ‘happy and safe’ place to play and learn. 

If a child makes a 'Wrong Choice' staff follow these steps:

A general reminder to the child -> A clear specific warning -> Last chance reminder -> Thinking Time

Sometimes it may be necessary to move to ‘Thinking Time’ straight away.  Our expectations, rewards and sanctions are displayed in every class and throughout the school. We also focus on our three rules in whole school assemblies and class PSHE sessions.

We have three consistencies that you can see around the school at different times of the day.

  • Meet and Greet - children are greeted by an adult as they come into class.


  • Super Walking- children are expected to walk around the school calmly with their hands by their sides and staying in their line. Each line will have a front leader and back marker, all children will get a turn to do both roles throughout the year.

  • Recognition boards - each class has a recognition board with a focus on recognising positive social or learning behaviours. The focus for the Recognition Board is sometimes chosen by the staff and sometimes by the children. E.g. ‘We are recognising being ready to learn’.