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School Day: 8:50am-3.15pm – all year groups


At St. Stephen’s Infant School, we believe that Maths is incredibly important in our lives. We teach and use Maths every day because it is all around us! We encourage a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about mathematics through providing a rich, varied and challenging curriculum to enable children to become confident mathematicians.


Our Maths teaching has evolved to suit our learners. 'Chunking' of units of work continues to work well across Key Stage 1 (programmes of study are taught over a period of weeks). This allows teachers the opportunity to extend/repeat or shorten units of work depending on the classes’ fluency and confidence. When planning a unit of work we identify a 'challenge for all' model which identifies age-related expectations that will be covered. A clear big picture/purpose for learning sets out the learning/practise of skill ahead. Lessons include a pre-assessment task for the beginning of each unit. The use of pre-assessment tasks allows the classteacher to create flexible groups with a personalised teaching and learning approach.  We use a range of manipulatives (e.g. Numicon, base10) and strategies throughout the teaching sequence.


Our aim is that all children leave St Stephen’s Infants School with:

  • A positive ‘can do’ attitude towards Maths, built on Growth Mindset principles, learning from mistakes
  • An understanding of the importance of Maths and a clear purpose of why we learn it
  • Mathematical subject specific vocabulary across all areas of Maths which supports problem solving and reasoning
  • Strategies that support the four operations of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
  • Resilience and a growth mindset so they are equipped to be challenged, learn from their mistakes and solve problems