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Covid -19 Home learning

Schools will be closed due to the Covid- 19 (Coronavirus) from MONDAY 23rd MARCH until further notice. This excludes children of key workers and vulnerable children. (EDIT updated 19/3/20) We will inform you as we get more information from the DfE and Government. The local authority have set up a home learning page that you can access at with lots of links to different areas of the curriculum.


We would like to direct you to some activities that you can complete with your children. 


Firstly, read with your child as much as possible. While you might not have the exact reading level that they are reading in school, any reading is great reading. Share stories together and enjoy longer texts. Ask children questions like "What will happen next?" "Why do you think s/he did that?" Please record all reading in the children's reading records to share with teachers when we return to school. If we are notified of closure in advance then we will send more books home than we would usually do. 


Children in Year 1 and 2 have access to Purple Mash: Mr Jefferies, (Computing Subject Lead) has sent home children's usernames and passwords. When you log in to Purple Mash there is a button called '2do' if this has a number next to it then that means that a teacher has assigned a specific task to your child. As well as these tasks feel free to complete any of the activities that your child is interested in from the website. 


Teachers will be sending home new exercise books for you to use with your child. This might be used for: writing stories, writing a diary of what you get up to, writing some facts about things that you learn, or completing some maths problems. 


The website twinkl provides teachers with lots of resources and all teachers have their own log on. Twinkl are also offering parents the opportunity to use the website and download resources for children for one month. To access this visit enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS. 


Learning to tell the time is a crucial skill that children need to learn by the time they leave Year 2. This would be an ideal time to teach you child about analogue clocks and telling the time.


The website is offering parents the chance to use their activities without charge by using the username: march20 and password: home. 


We do not intend that children spend all of their time at home learning using screens. The website has some activities that children can complete at home such as craft activities and playing board games with the family. 


Here are also a further 25 ideas that you could do at home. 

Here are some ideas for writing that you could do in the exercise book:

All year groups could also complete some art challenges such as these:

In Reception, children love watching Number Blocks and Alphablocks on BBC iPlayer follow these links to watch the programs:

For Year 1 and 2 it would be really helpful for you to check if your child can read and write the Common Exception Words.

We have also included some White Rose Maths power points for Year 1 and 2. These are full of questions that you could either answer on the powerpoint and print off or you could answer the questions in the exercise book that we will send home.

 Yr 1 - Autumn Block 1 - Place Value (within 10).pptxDownload
 Yr 1 - Autumn Block 2 - Addition and subtraction.pptxDownload
 Yr 1 - Autumn Block 3 - Shape.pptxDownload
 Yr 1 - Autumn Block 4 - Place Value (within 20).pptxDownload
 Yr 1 - Spring Block 1 - Addition and Subtraction.pptxDownload
 Yr 1 - Spring Block 2 - Place Value.pptxDownload
 Yr 1 - Spring Block 3 - Length and Height.pptxDownload
 Yr 1 - Spring Block 4 - Weight and Volume.pptxDownload
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 Yr 2 - Autumn Block 1 - Place Value.pptxDownload
 Yr 2 - Autumn Block 2 - Addition and subtraction.pptxDownload
 Yr 2 - Autumn Block 3 - Money.pptxDownload
 Yr 2 - Autumn Block 4 - Multiplication Division.pptxDownload
 Yr 2 - Spring Block 1 - Multiplication and Division.pptxDownload
 Yr 2 - Spring Block 2 - Statistics.pptxDownload
 Yr 2 - Spring Block 3 - Properties of shape.pptxDownload
 Yr 2 - Spring Block 4 - Fractions.pptxDownload
 Yr 2 - Spring Block 5 - Length and Height.pptxDownload
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Mrs Cornelius (Science Subject Leader) has shared the contents of our usual science bag for you to try at home. 

 science homelearning.pdfDownload
 science homelearning_2020031716532297.pdfDownload
 science homelearning_2020031716534131.pdfDownload
 science homelearning_2020031716541105.pdfDownload
 science homelearning_2020031716554308.pdfDownload
 science homelearning_2020031716564774.pdfDownload
 science homelearning_2020031716572373.pdfDownload
 science homelearning_2020031716575445.pdfDownload
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Check out these 50 things to do before you are 5 (although they're fun for ages 6 and 7 too!) - Think about how you could adapt them to do in your house or garden!

Speech and Language Support a Message from Speechlink:

To support your children's speech, language and communication needs, when your school closes, we have fast tracked the launch of our new parent's portal to help.

The site will be live from late afternoon Friday 20th March and will provide parents with FREE speech and language advice, resources and activities.

The site can be found at